Half A Box?

Okay, so my kiddos like Raisin Bran! WOW!
I knew they were good for a bowl, but this morning they have consumed half.a.box!~

A 2yrs old and a 4yrs old.

Who knows where they put it all?
How it will all come out?

What do your kids like to eat A LOT of?


CalgaryDaddy said…
Not Yet..but I am expecting Kyron to eat me out of house and home!

Heather said…
Cheese! both of my older boys love cheese! either the cheese sticks or the kraft singles!!
Nancy C said…
My oldest is recreating that scene from Cool Hand Luke with the hard-boiled eggs. I have to stop him or he'll make himself sick.

Funny on the Raisin Bran!
CanadianMama said…
Yogurt and Fruit. But mostly yogurt. I swear it will be the main course at his wedding!
Marla said…
At least they'll be "regular" kids. :-)

My 11 year old can't get enough tomatoes. She eats them like apples and has since she was a baby.
starnes family said…
Goldfish. I should own stock.
Mrs. M said…
I love cereal - I can eat it pretty fast too. My son doesn't eat much of anything. My daughter would probably pick candy.

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