An Apology

Thank you to everyone who stroked my ego yesterday. I feel sorta bad for complaining about the cakes appearance. I know it is not *horrible*, but i did not even post the really good pictures of the crack in the middle of the cake-FILLED with icing. Or, i did not show you what the back looked like at all!

All that aside, i think there are always times where we just feel that we did not do our best. And that's okay, right?

My intention was not to illicit 'it looks really good!', but rather show you all something i was not entirely proud of. I could have done better... i have done better.

What did happen through this cake however, is i have now learned what could have been done better and will strive to utilize those methods next time.

I am not a pro, so this experience has served me well.

The 'Castle' was just not in the works for me this year.
And, it DID taste yummy! (That is always better than it actually tasting bad!)


Next time will be awesome! But I'm all about the taste!I suck at cakes, always do store bought.
So, freezing cakes helps with icing?? I must remember this. I bet that cake tasted delicious, and in the end, isn't that all that matters?? =)

Thought I would let you know about a new blog I have started in case you wanted to check it out!

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