Hockey Smockey! It's really about this...

After last night's HORRIBLE hockey game, this has brought me new peace today.

Thank you ThisBird'sDay!~

It's okay USA... you played a much better game last night than we did. In fact, i am not even sure what we did last night could be considered hockey! I congratulate you on the win.
We are neighbours AND healthy rivals!!


Yes, it was a sad, sad game. It was hard to watch, but we did anyway.

Come over I have something for you
Sonya said…
I freaked out! you guys seriously own that game..but I gotta say..Im SUPER happy for Team USA:)
Matty said…
I haven't been watching the ice hockey games. But I am catching some of the other events. That video was very informative, and I learned quite a bit in just that short 6 minutes.

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