Sweater Weather!

Don't you just love Autumn??

Ours seems to be speeding right by... in fact, the ground where i live has been covered with snow since October 3. I know, crazy!

Today we had a *brief* warm spell, so we all headed outside for some last chores before winter. A great opportunity to get a shot of our family (see above header)!


Loving the sweaters especially.



D'Anna said…
I love this pic! What a beautiful family ! I think you should put it at the top of your blog to replace the other one. It matches the color scheme perfectly and you can see every close up!
Lee Ann said…
I love this pic! So cute! xxx
Unknown said…
There you go D'Anna!
Thx for the idea.
Mockabee Seven said…
What a cool pict!!! The sky is gorgeous!
Unknown said…
Actually BHive, where we live is nicknamed "Big Sky Country"!

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