The Spirit of the Holidays

It seems that every year around this time, i begin to feel slightly more 'charitable' than usual. That's not to say i'm not normally a giving person, but i guess the falling snow somehow reminds me that i DO have a nice warm home to live in, and that some others do not.

This year my two little bubs are older, so i'd really like to get them involved! I'm not completely sure how much they'll 'get' from it, but hopefully by doing it every year, it'll come to be something they look forward to and enjoy (and just perhaps, will donate their future allowances to).
I'd love to hear ideas from you all about some things we could plan on doing.

Ideas so far:

I've given to this organization before and have decided to make it more of a habit. It really does not take much money at all to help. The Smile Train helps developing countries learn how to perform and fix cleft lip and palate; a seemingly simple operation these days in many parts of the world. Do you know that it only costs $250 dollars for a 45 minute, life changing operation for a child?? Please check out their website to learn more.

I personally have not donated in this way to World Vision in the past. The concept is that instead of 'adopting' a child, instead we can give in other ways that are family and community altering! Cows, goats, sheep, hens & roosters, stables, housing, medical supplies, mosquitos nets, school supplies, nutritional lunches, books etc! You choose the gifts, and World Vision delivers them to children and families around the world.
What's that saying, "Teach a family to fish..."

Check it out! Two hens & one rooster for as little as $55 dollars!

  • Food Drive- before Xmas break

Our family has offered to help collect canned goods etc. from Beebo's preschool. Each day, we will collect from anyone wishing to make a donation. At the end of the week, we'll take all of the goods collected down to the Food Bank. In the future, i'd like the kids to spend their own money to purchase goods to be donated to families in our community.

We haven't decided yet what our 'monetary' donation for 2009 will be, but i would encourage you all to see how much you could spare. Even if it is buying a small toy for a child who will spend his Christmas holiday in the hospital. That smile will be cherished for years to come!!!

Think Selflessly this season.



Outnumbered said…
Operation Christmas Child is a favorite around here. We also did World Vision last year for Jonah's dayhome and it was a big hit.

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