It's so NOT "Wordless Wednesday" in my world!~ (a fairly common blog title for today)

Ok, so i am not completely sure how it all works in the Blogosphere (?), but like i said at the beginning of this blog, sometimes i just ain't done talking!

Two things i've come across today and would like to share:

1. Tinkerbell & the Lost Treasure
~ Thanks Mel for hooking me up with this link! If you only realized how terribly addicted most of my family is to Disney and all it's treasures! I'm sure this coupon link will get good mileage!! (Good for $10 off the Blu-ray, until October 31, 2009. Good in Can/USA)

2. H1N1 Flu- Preparedness Gov't Canada
~ A great website set up by the Government of Canada, on H1N1 flu symptoms and what we can do to be prepared. The site does give vaccine info, but does not focus on that side of the issue. Just a good, need to know, find-it website!

Excited to be off for the evening to a book party soon! Hopefully i can contain myself---I LOVE BOOKS!!!



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