A few new favourites!

Thanksgiving was a blast! To sum it all up, YUM!
I decided to kick that family classic Green Bean casserole to the curb this year, after realizing, that i don't even actually like it! I guess i just always made it for everyone else.

New items on the menu:

Yorkshire Puddings (Club House)

Blueberry Baked Brie Puff Pastry (with a few substitutions)
Maple & Mustard Glazed Parsnips

Black Olive Tapenade
All were fabulous additions to our 16lb Tom~!

Did you try anything new to eat this Thanksgiving??



I need that blueberry brie recipe!
Lee Ann said…
Looks amazing! I am VERY impressed with your yorkshire puddings! very good. And I agree with you completely, YUM! xx
Lee Ann said…
ooh love the new background too! x
Unknown said…
I've made Yorkies quite a few times now. I still am not brave enough to do it like my G'ma used to (big pan of it). I'm always afraid of starting a fire!!
I can definitely provide these recipes--if i can figure it out, i'll provide a link! LOL
legend_018 said…
I was going to try yorkies last year, but chickened out lol. maybe i will this year. can yu make them ahead of time? My husbands parents are doing TG this year.

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