Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend

No better place to begin a blog, than with a long weekend! Aaahhh! This weekend in Canada, we give thanks for all the things we are blessed with. Houses smell of glorious turkeys and pumpkin pies, families congregate and hopefully, the weekend will inspire us all to be a little more charitable.

Usually, we frolic in the fallen leaves and take in the last days of true Autumn. However, this year it seems where i live, we'll be embroiled in falling snow. Yippee-kai-yay! Cr*p! Don't get me wrong, i am a lover of snow and actually don't mind it one bit. But, i'm remembering that i haven't fully finished putting bulbs in my gardens (that'll still be ok, right?) and that yes, i did agree to host a BIG family dinner on Sunday. (Off to get Tom out of the freezer, brb) It would be so nice if the *weather Gods* could send sunshine on that day; my house is just not that fun with all of us stuck inside! I think a fire outside would be a nice way to pass the time...(mostly so everyone doesn't stare me down in our open concept kitchen the whole time i'm cooking!)

This morning the kids and i ventured off to the "BC Fruit Man", who stops into town once per week with fresh produce from BC's interior. It is his last week making the journey, so he said he'd have pumpkins! The kids happily bundled up in their snowsuits and boots (Xman walking for the 1st REAL time in boots) and off we went. Turnips, Red Peppers, Parsnips & Fresh Onions-- bonus, he gave the kids two pumpkins each! He said it was their way of 'thanking us' for our business all summer long. I was ecstatic! Firstly, pumpkins don't run cheap and secondly because they were gorgeous! Not perfectly round, but definitely unmarred. The kids, of course, love to be given things; while i was just happy to feel appreciated.

Good lessons like that rarely present themselves. The kids were able to see how being loyal and treating others with kindness is very rewarding!! (in more ways than one) And...well, we might have just driven ourselves to Starbucks for a treat too! (Oopsy, guess i didn't really save any $ then, did i? That Pumpkin Spice Latte sure was yummy though!)

Like most of you, i'm sure we've gathered that the Canadian Thanksgiving sorta stems from the American Thanksgiving? Well, i decided to look it up for a definition--us Canucks deserve to know more about 'why' we do what we do.

Canadian Thanksgiving

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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Mockabee Seven said…
Yay for a blog! I knew the day would come! :-)
Dee said…
Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians! Loving the blog so far!
Lee Ann said…
Happy Thanksgiving xxx
D'Anna said…
Good Job, Sami! And, Happy Thanksgiving! - - thank you for the link about Canadian Thanksgiving!

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