The Treat

When we are little, Hallowe'en is a night of goodies and costumes! Pretty much... free! Perhaps we'll do some bobbing for apples (which is slightly healthier!) at a party, but other than putting together a costume suitable for nabbing up candy from neighbours (and strangers), Hallowe'en really isn't much work.
As an adult, we might not be so inclined to dress up (or we may). And society may also perceive adults going door to door a little odd? Things change. We become homeowners (or respectable tenants--as opposed to university kids renting) and suddenly, we're the providers of the candy.


I personally hate having to buy things last minute. I hate the crowds (also getting their candy last minute!) and i also hate the lack of selection! At least if i have to buy the candy, i'd like to get what i really want to get.

But how do you do that weeks in advance?
How do you KEEP said candy until Hallowe'en??

My waistline bulges just thinking about it!

The fact is (and i'm not sure about the rest of you), we don't.

By October 1, hubby is texting me on shopping trips, asking for these treats~! I swear to God, no word of a lie, that guy (dh) demands more chocolate than most women i know!! I have a VERY hard time buying candy on grocery excursions, but try to be a little more understanding and forgiving for the fun of Hallowe'en.
Thankfully, we only sneak these goodies when the kiddos are in bed (again, waistline bulging~) and all our hard work for the day is done (who am i trying to convince?).

So, this happens, repeatedly until the eve of Hallowe'en. THEN, we are supposed to have candy on hand for any neighbours (or strangers) who might visit us for a treat. Assumably, we've still tackled those last minute crowds and come home with candy that was not our first choice. But we're prepared!!

This whole theory/game plan ONLY works if you actually live in the city and WILL have neighbours (and strangers) to visit you. (The thing i miss MOST about city living!!! Boo)

So... here we sit, rural living, with a history (last Hallowe'en) of no visitors to our door. STOCKED with candy!!!

Waistlines will be bulging, no doubt.

What is your favourite, Hallowe'en treat?? You know, the treat that you loved receiving the most as a child?

What treat do you like to hand out?? Are you a chocolate giver or a chip giver??

Do you like to dress up and scare the wee ones??

AND, how many bags of candy do you eat BEFORE Hallowe'en even arrives?? Come on, please do not let me be the only one to admit it....

If all this candy eating isn't bad enough, how many of us will be eating some of our kiddo's candy too??



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Heather said…
I used to love getting chips as a kid, but preferred when it wasn't plain. I was such a nerd when it came to halloween candy.....I used to sort and organize it! I would eat the things I liked the least first, and save the best things for last!

Now that I'm older and hand out candy myself, I pick up stuff that I know I'll like and won't feel TOO bad eating. Like this year, I got a Twizzler-Nibs combo. I love red licorice with popcorn! So far, I think only a couple of packages have sneaked out of the box......
Unknown said…
We love 3 Muskateers and Tootsie Rolls!
But chips will do too!
CanadianMama said…
I love all chocolate related candy treats haha! We give out pencils at our house so we don't have to deal with the candy being around. That being said I just ate a spoonful of nutella (ok, I ate two) so what would an extra bag of candy be really!

I remember living on the acreage and having no kids. So sad! Usually acreage kids go into the city to trick or treat. Chicken is going to trick or treat in the cul-de-sac this year, I cannot wait to eat all his candy!!!
Unknown said…
We highjacked GlenEagles last year...maybe this year we'll sneak into the cul-de-sac!

I sent Beebo with pencils to give out to her class this year. It really is a great idea!

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