All set to SKI!

Beebo really wants to learn how to ski!

Here she is trying on her new skiis.....

Yep, gonna be smooth sailing, right??

*please note: She really DOES want to learn how to ski. The crying might have been our fault, since our need to see her in the skiis was greater than the tired child's desire. It was almost bedtime. Bad Mommy moment for sure--great picture though, no??


Mockabee Seven said…
Love it! We just passed the snow suit isle today in Wal Mart...almost picked one up...but it's going to be months before that kind of weather!
CanadianMama said…
I have pictures of me at that age in skiis! So cute!
Tara said…
Bwahahaaa! I love that I'm not the only one posting crying child pics!

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