Age Old Practice

YES, i'm a geek!
I love coupons! (Thank God for diaper coupons!)
I am *almost* ready to admit that it's a slight addiction, however an addiction that SAVES you money cannot be all bad?? Can it?

Coupons have been around for a long time! Coupon History

While many things have changed over the decades; cash culture to credit culture, then onto the age of debit, coupons still serve the same ol' purpose. Today, coupons happen in many forms. We can find coupons in the newspaper, online, in the form of codes for online shopping, and where they all began, in-store. If we're really creative, we can even swap coupons with friends!! One day i'll host a big Poker game and the ante will be coupons (I saw this idea in the movie Mr.Mom and have had it on the brain ever since), just imagine that.

So, i am wondering... who else shares in my fetish??

Are you a 'closet' coupon junkie, or are you openly 'geekified'?? Hee hee.

And finally, does having a coupon inspire you to try a new product, or do you search out coupons for products you are loyal to??

-I am slightly more inclined to try something if i have a coupon, but will admit fully to being brand loyal and looking for sales/coupons on those items.

"Hi. My name is Sami and i am a coupon junkie!"

There we go, all better now.



Heather said…
I do use coupons. Mostly for stuff I already use. For me it's more of a necessity. I'm the only income in our house, and anything to save money is welcome! I answer surveys and stuff online because they offer to send you coupons. If you sign up at the Procter and Gamble website, they will give you good coupons too! Do you know where else I can find some?
Unknown said…

P&G BrandSaver

Sometimes i also just write to the company and tell them how much i love their products! And sometimes, that works huge!

Check this out for a $5 dollar coupon-
legend_018 said…
i have a hard time with them beecause there ususally on things i dont buy or there on items that are brands I dont buy/aka more money than the brands I might buy. I probably dont know how to properly coupon.
Unknown said…
Mary, if you are in the USA, there are SOOOOO many more sites to choose from!
In Canada, my options are limited.
Efka said…
ohh, here we have no coupons, so sad :(
Anonymous said…
I absolutely love coupons...more of a closet coupon junkie. I hate paying full price for things when you don't have to!!!!
RachelC said…
Coupon junkie!!! (you have seen my deals on FB, right?) =)
Love coupons. Michael's. Diapers. Formula. The occasional cleaning supply. Although for diapers, we've still found the Kirkland diapers (made by Huggies) when on sale are cheaper than buying name brand diapers with the coupon, so I started giving away my diaper coupons.

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