How Calgary Weather Messes with Your Head

Our week started out pretty cold at -20C. Those days were windy and the chill was felt quickly. But then, the weather got colder.

Would you believe we still had school this day?? Layering is key when dressing for the deep freeze. You pull out the big guns: the Sorels, Down Jacket and perhaps even the snowpants. You will likely not be playing in the snow nor rolling in it, but the snowpants really go that extra step for ultimate wind blockage. Your nose hairs will still freeze however and all breaths taken will result in a cloudy exhale.  Let's not even talk about what happens to exposed skin... you get it, it's freakin' cold!

That night, things got colder yet!   Up for a glass of water, I looked out the kitchen window to see a landscape of glistening ice crystals.  It certainly looked pretty despite the dangerous thermometer reading.  Morning saw temperatures a bit warmer, but even the Weather Man was afraid to say what the weather felt like with windchill.  No details given cannot be good.  Buses and school cancelled for the day.

Thursday and Friday appear to be looking up. We can all handle -20C. That's fair. It's winter, right?

By Saturday, we'll be a breezy +3 -- say what??  A  20-25 degree raise in temperature in the forecast can only mean one thing. HEADACHE. MIGRAINES. A Chinook is on the horizon!

And it will apparently be rainy?   Yuck- That should make for some messy winter driving!  But my oh my, Stock up on your Tylenol!

We can handle the cold... Sadly we are used to cold. *Brrrr*

It's the headache we can't escape.


Mrs. M said…
Oh, and I thought WE were cold. We are on day 3 of "no school, snow day!". I'm going mad. :) Stay warm!!
Unknown said…
Good Old Mother Nature can't make up her mind whether she's coming or going.
Heather said…
You know it's been bad when you look at the forcast and think 'Yay! Only -20 for Thursday!' hahaha I'm scared for the headaches to come!
Being Tazim said…
I have a headache now just thinking about the crazy change in weather in the next few days!
Voula Martin said…
One extra strength tylenol with one extra strength advil taken at the same time is what I called my Chinook Cocktail. Worked like a charm to nip the headache so that it didn't last.
Ugh. The weather. I vowed not to complain about it. That vow lasted one day, which I think is actually pretty good. Happy weekend!
Yikes that is bitter ass cold....we had -5 F last Sunday and it was all I could do walking into work fighting the bitter wind. Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend!
We've been going up and down with freezing temperatures too. I think it got up to 7C today.

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