I May Never Go Back !

I have a microwave.  Most of us do I suppose... and really, the only thing I use it for is to reheat my coffee. (Repeatedly.)   Maybe I also use the microwave to melt butter for popcorn, but seriously that is all.

I don't thaw meat in it, there are rarely leftovers (hello- DaddyO is 6'5!) and I don't even pop popcorn in it as I am kind of an air pop girl. So most times the microwave sits there ignored.

Last weekend I went to an Epicure party. The hostess showed a product called a Square Steamer and no word of a lie, cooked up raw chicken- cut potatoes- sliced carrots- broccoli, cauliflower and a dash of seasoning in under 10 minutes a la Microwave.  (And it was very tasty!)   I loved the idea of its simplicity and purchased one;   totally thinking that this was a tool that DaddyO could use when MommyO goes out over dinner time. 


This is my at-home version, all ready to be cooked!

My kids loved it! (Read: No complaints about the veggies at all!)  DaddyO loved it!  I loved it!   DaddyO feared the chicken might turn out rubbery, but that was not the case. Very moist and very flavourful!   NO oil and no water were used and due to steaming no nutrients are lost either. 


I really did not expect that I would fall in love with this silicone piece. (I do own other silicone bakeware and we're still compromising on our relationship.)  After I had cooked up the kids meal, had washed the silicone steamer easily with soap and water-- then cooked up a meal for DaddyO and I with different seasonings, I was sold. The food came out of the microwave fully cooked in only this short time and was flavourful and very healthy.

Epicure does sell a smaller size steamer that would be great for work lunches. Simply place your raw food in the steamer in the morning, keep refrigerated and place in the microwave at lunch... BEATS all other frozen/fast lunches all ways possible. 

You can order Epicure online HERE.

Or, visit SPICEY DEE on her Facebook page HERE and she'll get you started!! (The Steamers are not the only worthwhile product sold by Epicure. Oh man, it's all good!)

*Peek Thru Our Window was not compensated in any way for this post. Passing along great ideas like always!  And yes, we can discuss all the good/bad about microwaves we want- but everything in moderation is my viewpoint in life.   A few times a week won't hurt anyone.  ;) *


So, I always thought the microwave killed the nutrients, to a degree, in your food. Is this not the case with the steamer? Or do we just not care?

I want one, I'll check her out.
Unknown said…
I believe you are right that microwaves do kill some nutritional value Catherine, though it can be highly debated and isn't very well researched. The jury is still out.

This food is very healthy in a pinch and most people would grab a ready-made pre-packaged dinner. (Or not have 45min-1hr for heating!) I believe this gets the job done and is okay for occasional usage.

And hey, we're all gonna die of something one day... lol.
I totally agree. I would eat this before I ate a frozen meal.

I think it would be cheaper too, in the long run.
Heather C said…
Too funny! I just came from an Epicure party and I bought the same steamer! It's all set to go... going to try it out tomorrow.
That sounds really cool - does it smell like silicone when it comes out of the microwave, out of curiosity?
Unknown said…
I usually avoid those house-party-sell-you-something events like the plague. I'm an easy mark and come away with silly stuff I'll never use again after the once when I unpack it. This truly does look great though. Glad it works for the fam.
Unknown said…
ps. I like the new look of the blog here. Good job!
Unknown said…
@Multi-Testing Mommy - so far I have not noticed a silicone smell when it is done. But i'll for sure keep an eye out (or a nose out)!

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