To Begin The Week....

BlogWest: March 8-10th, 2012
Hosted in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta, BlogWest is one of the biggest  blogging events to happen Westside.  Most of us are very excited to be sharing our stomping  grounds (no airfare necessary!). If you'll be at the conference too, shoot me an email at   so I can say 'hi'!

Thanks to Ford Canada for providing Heather and I with a 2012 Ford Ecoboost Explorer! If you need a lift from Calgary (YYC), please let either of us know.

We all go through periods of change and saving the old blog to give her a good  sprucing up. Please bear with me through this adventure of html nightmare. Ugh. While I am always proud of the end result, I often regret all the swearing it took me to get there. IF you do not like something; or, if you REALLY like something, feel free to drop me a line and tell me so!

Vacation Time:
It is almost vacation time here again. Phew! This trip has been in the planning works for a few years. I will be meeting up with some very special 'online'   Mommies for the first time; we've all known each other since our kids were young (like 3/4mths young!).
We'll be visiting the Mouse and some huge mammals at Sea World  (Yay, California & SanDiego !)    I  will be keeping you up on our adventures while we are on the road, so please Stay Tuned!

One Match:
I've stressed in the past how important this service is. Friends all around me are fighting this battle and again, I know another. It is really easy to be tested for One Match-- click HERE. All it takes is a swab. You could really help someone in their battle against Leukemia; please take a minute to test yourself.

Here's hoping everyone has a fantastic week!


CanadianMama said…
Congrats on the sponsorship - super exciting!!
I signed up just now. Last time this came about I was too pregnant but now I'm not and it's been on my list of things to do. Thanks for the reminder :)
Unknown said…
Each time you post about this, I check again to see if I'm eligible to donate. I guess the rules haven't changed, cause good grief Charlie Brown, I'M TOO OLD!!! Maybe those who know think I need my own to keep on going. My prayers are all I can give for now--you and your cuz have them.
Heather said…
I AM SO EXCITED FOR BLOG WEST! Oooops....sort of got carried away there ;)
sher said…
Your site looks great Sam!! Nice change.

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