Ski Tradition NOT For Home Fun

Beebo had Ski School this week, while Xman skied with DaddyO. We were blessed with good weather and fair sunny days! Phew! This was Beebo's first unparented ski lessons, so we were hoping she'd really take it all in and earn some confidence for herself.


And she did it! She went down the BIG chairlift hill all on her own and is very proficient in pizza, french fries and turns. Apparently, you are given a Cow Bell at the end of Ski School. (Why didn't I know this before enrolling?) It is indeed a Ski Tradition and I understand the intent of the gift...


But for real, would you want to live with a Cow Bell at the hands of an almost 6 years old?

(And please, no MORE COWBELL!)


Leslie said…
Lucky it's just a little one! But annoying nonetheless. But please explain the tradition?
Unknown said…
Check out this link Leslie:
I don't know, I think this post needs a little more cowbell.
CanadianMama said…
Ha, I have vivid memories of my ski instructor yelling at me "Pizza, Pizza, PIZZA"! Haha, I was super at the french fry but not so good with the pizza :) From the pics you posted on facebook it looks like the kids are loving skiing!!
Unknown said…
I remember teaching each one of my kids to ski. You are doing a great thing starting them early. A word to the wise: start learning yourself RIGHT. NOW. They will leave you in the dust/snowbank in no time. :)

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