Beauty and the Beast 3D Tickets : Winner

I chose a winner for the 4- Tickets to Beauty and the Beast in 3D this Saturday in YYC, using the new Rafflecopter system.  Admittedly, this was my first attempt at retrieving a winner this way.  I had no trouble picking a winner with Rafflecopter;  however, when I was snagging the embedding code, I noticed that it was going to post the winners actual name.  "Knowing" this lady around the web, I did not feel like I should post by her actual name and there was an option to take that out.  I mis-clicked unfortunately and lost all the code in one fell swoop!  I tried to go back to retrieve it, but was unsuccessful.

I promise that I did see who won and how.  I could have chosen another winner, but to me that wasn't fair.  I am very sorry that I cannot post the winner via Rafflecopter due to my error.  I hope you'll take this 'Rafflecopter Newbie' at my word?

Beauty and the Beast in 3D - 4 Tickets - 10am January 7, 2012 in Calgary. Congratulations to Mrs. Brits, who tweeted about this giveaway on December 20, 2011.  The winner has been contacted.


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