Wordless Wednesday


No potato famine round here.

What's growing great in your garden?

Thanks to Merry With Children for hosting!


But it's only Tuesday!
kewkew said…
Unfortunately our garden is dying. Too hot. We finally got a sprinkler. Hoping it helps some. I got 4 pea pods out of our garden that is it so far. yours looks so green.
Merry said…
YUM! I have to say that potatoes are one of my favorite farm fresh veggies. They taste so much better! Thanks for coming by & linking up!
Beautiful....no garden here the deer eat everything. But lots of neighboring farms with their stands out front. I love that best of all living rural. Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Unknown said…
At home, I've been watering and watering, trying to keep ahead of the drought. The raspberries are doing the very best!

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