What's Up?

Wow- i haven't written in what feels like forever! But it has really only been a few days! We've been rather busy around here and things don't look to be slowing down anytime soon! Ack!

Three weekends ago, Beebo slipped in the hot tub and whacked her chin. She was very lucky to get away with a good cut and no glue or stitches (a steri-strip held her together), but kiboshed the week of swimming lessons i had enrolled her in. That meant she got switched to swimming lessons last week- a week that already had too much to do.


Wednesday, i went to party like it was 1999 (er, maybe 1989?) at the Calgary Stampede for NKOTBSB!   Yep. I did. I screamed. I yahoo'ed. I went home voiceless and tired. Have you seen NKOTBSB this tour??

(Last year at the Stampede i sweated/danced/gawked at Richie and Jon Bon. This time, Joey Mc and Nick Carter were the fine specimens. I believe all women should go yell and scream (and throw their bras) at gorgeous men at least once per year. Oh yeah, and did i mention they were gorgeous?? ~Sigh~)

Yep, this is how i dressed Stampede style.
So what if i was wearing my daughters hat!

On the weekend, we were off to Hubster's annual work picnic. 4 hours away.  We made it only 45 minutes away over 2.5 hrs time-- Beebo had a stomach ache. In search of Pepto on the highway is always a treat (and a 5 years old pooping in gas stations not so easy). After much whinging, we aborted mission in search of home. Who really wants to travel 4 hours away with someone who may start vomitting?? Not i.    Apparently though, there were 200,000 uninvited guests in attendance, making things a bit bug-ey!  Doesn't sound like we missed much.

This week and next: More swimming...Xman the Salamander!  Beebo and i will watch from the stands as the lifeguards watch my son plummet himself into the water unexpectedly. Eventhough.he.cannot.swim! Fearless. I believe my mother-in-law strolls in to town for the last of the wedding prep Thursday? (T-minus 2weeks till the big day!)  The kids have daycamp at the farm nearby, i'll be reviewing the Lincoln MKX all week PLUS, the kids and i will be doing some chocolate tricks for a NEW local company! (Details to come!)  Yep, chocolate-- can't say no to that, can i??

I must also mention that i will be getting my hair done. Nuff said.  Crammed full.

Things i want or need to do:
- I really need a bathing suit. Really bad. But am lacking the WANT to go find one. Ugh.
- have a play date with this lady OR this lady OR both. When??...i'm working on that.
- oh oh - there was something else on the list that i've forgotten???? That cannot be good.

SUMMERtime is busy.
Just when i was relishing in the laziness of summer and the lack of routine and MUST DO's, i realize Summer is much busier than school.

I hope all of you are having a fabulous summer so far too??

What's keeping you busy?

PS- It's almost wedding time! To follow the adventures of 'Bridie-Dearest' leading up to the BIG DAY, click HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE.


TheFitHousewife said…
Holy moly...I'm tired just reading that! You are one busy mama...and one hot mama in that cowboy hat!
A play date is in order, if you can squeeze us in somewhere!
Danielle S said…
Funny how we wait for the summer to be out of our routine and then find ourselves so busy in the process!!

A playdate would be great - doing something where the kids can run off steam and we can sit and relax :)
Heather said…
I need a nap now after hearing about how busy you are! Can't wait to hear about the Lincoln and I'm glad you had so much fun at Stampede...we didn't go this year :(

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