When Will She Learn??



Thankfully, this time there are only about 50 quills... last time (about 3 years ago) there were over 250 quills in her face and it took two vets two full hours to get them all out!!

I love our vet, but seriously-- vet bills like this do not come cheap! This dog is easily padding his retirement....

(She is an Alaskan Malamute and has a wicked pain tolerance! If this was a little dog, it would be much different.)

I guess the gopher that taunts her in her yard is just NOT interesting enough?

*Off to trap TWO porcupines...they live in twos apparently.*


TheFitHousewife said…
Awww..poor puppy! And poor mommy's wallet!
Rebecca said…
Aawwww poor puppy.
JeanetteSchenk said…
Awww.. my goodness, that looks painful!! Poor girl. :(
OH my Goodness! That looks like it must have really hurt!

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