Wordful Wednesday~ The Veggie Garden


Here is my sadness.

LAST YEAR, i thought my garden had a rough season. Apparently it can and does get worse!

Monsoon June drowned most of my seeds and seedlings. So i planted some more. It just ain't happening folks.

Seems i will have some carrots (they're sprouting, but way behind!), some onions (not pictured), and some potatoes. VERY exciting crop!

(But i was blessed with an awesome bumper crop of weeds--- oh yes, me loves my weeding! Argh!)

Mother Nature has sucker punched me once again.

OH- the greenhouse??? How's that doing you say???


Yep, down that path again....

How does your garden grow??


Mrs. M said…
Oh no! I haven't even started my veggie garden yet. I fear this is what mine will become even without any bad luck, weather, etc. I just don't have a gardening gift.
Danielle S said…
Our peas are doing well and the strawberries took off. But my zucchini is the same as yours - not sure what's going on with it. It took over last year but this year it's just sad. And the lettuce and cauliflower bolted so not sure there's much hope for them :(
Keri said…
So glad to hear that noones zucchini has done well - I'm the same - it's odd. I have more than you do in my little garden though, lol. We have tomatoes, beans, spinach, 2 other lettuces, peas are recovering from voles, our carrots are slow, our corn is coming up well, strawberries, and then the chives, leeks and onions are meh.
Next year, right? ;)
TheFitHousewife said…
Exactly why I don't garden. Calgary is the worst climate to garden in :( I wish we could have amazing vegetable gardens here.
I don't have a green thumb so I wouldn't even try, but good for you! it looks like some things are doing well!
Heather said…
boo to bad garden voodoo!

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