The Confession

This is Wedding Weekend!  To see how the Mother-of-the-Bride is doing, check HERE.   We're crossing our fingers for blue skies and no cougars. Like any outdoor wedding, pre-wedding day angst tends to focus on the weather. I may not be able to control the weather ~sigh~. Wouldn't it be nice if we could control the weather??

I digress...

I am in the bridal party. That means there is an outfit to plan.  This outfit took weeks of prep and hush hush action.  My 'prep' isn't so cool these days.  As with most dresses, they always look better with a tan. Getting some colour is fun- it makes us feel perked up and refreshed and a tan goes a long way for the confidence. But in today's world, were all about SPF and the kids-- eeep--- don't get them burned! Sun protection is important; sun protection is en vogue.

So, why the vanity??

A good question. I am not an overly vain person when it comes to my appearance. I get my hair done or cut for's not someting i plan into my life unless there is a reason. (And apparently, the reason that it makes me feel great isn't good enough?)  I really just don't seem to make the appointments to do it. It's something i'd like to do and want to do more often, but i just don't.

For the wedding, this is the colour dress i have chosen for myself.


I tried on lots and this is the one that looked nicest. It is totally out of the box for me in colour choice-- i'm going to be PINK all day! I am girl/woman, hear me roar! Lol.  I tried this dress on pale as a ghost. Yeppers, it was a shiny white day in those dressing rooms. What's up with their lighting??? In the end, we all agreed (the 5 or so storeclerks i had coralled for opinions) it was to be the pink one. Gulp! In my head, i knew there had to be tanning involved. This colour needs colour!

I had some choices. Don't harm the skin and use a tube. No offense to anyone who does, but you really have to be good at this. I fear, i could never be good at this and i think it would be terrible if i f**ked up and was all blotchy?? (Cuz that's my luck!)  I'll give you an A for effort, but i just don't trust myself.

Next choice, spray on tan. I don't know- i could have tried, really i could have. But then this whole other strain of vanity showed up and i was afraid that might go bad too! It's still new technology and what-- spray 'tan' at me?? Sounds odd. I haven't tried it and therefore really should have no opinion, but it sounds unnatural (Eventhough VERY good for your skin i've heard-- super moisturizing plus!).

My final and subsequent choice was to tan on purpose.  I could have left myself at the whim of natural sunshine, but i feared with how our weather was going i may not see the sun again!  Or that i may get a sunburn and i may peel.  And peeling is uber yucky!   So, i've been venturing to the tanning salon over the last few weeks in small increments and wearing my sunscreen outdoors all the time.  I think i've accomplished what was needed... i definitely do not want to look over-tanned.

So yep- it's out now.  That's the confession.  I've been a bad girl, hurting my skin on purpose for the sake of a dress.

What have you done for an outfit?


I have three friends who have done spray on tans before a trip and they all swear it was the absolute best thing. You should have told us sooner, we could have assuaged your fears.

I'm sure you look hot all tanned and pink and stuff!
A girl has got to do what a girl has to do! I think a once in a life time tan is okay. I never have done the spray tan but lots do...Have fun at wedding I'm sure you will rock the pink dress. Have fun!
TheFitHousewife said…
Naughty girl ;) I remember lying in those tanning beds before my honeymoon. I loved it, it was so relaxing. Now that I think about poor, poor skin....

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