More Milk?

So--- milk. It's been on my mind lately.

I have noticed that when i go to buy milk at the grocery store,  no one else ever seems to have as much milk as i do in their carts. That is not to say that they do not drink (nor buy) milk, but remembering that i live 'in the country', i tend to stock up a little more than the average consumer.

But then i think, we actually use up all that milk! In 7 days no less. Milk is the one thing i have to buy every week, as i usually cannot find dates far enough away.

The Numbers:

4 cartons of milk- 2 litres a piece. Total- 8 litres. (2.11 gallons.)

4 cartons at $3.09+ .25 dep - $13.36

I know we could save a tiny bit of money by purchasing the BIG 4 litres jugs of milk; however, none of us seem to like the taste of the 'bottom of the jug'.

$13.36 for one week of milk. Times four weeks in the month and that is $53.44 .


That seems like A LOT of milk ($) to me!

DaddyO likely (probably) drinks none of the milk, saved for coffee. I'll down a few glasses myself; Beebo has it with dinner usually and Xman LOVES his milk (Baking may use 1-2cups). --- If he's drinking 6 of those 8 litres himself, i'd think that is too much! (He's a good eater too and is not filling up on the milk instead. )    Is it? What do you think?


How much milk is too much milk?

How much milk does your family go through in a week?

(I think i need to buy a cow!)


I have no idea how much is too much milk. And you should definitely buy a cow.
Leslie said…
We do about that in a week also. Grady drinks 4 liters 2% himself but when that is running low he gets our skim before it expires. I would say he would easily drink 2x that amount if i let him have it as often as he liked!
Rebecca said…
We buy one gallon of milk per week. We always shake our milk before opening it and pouring a glass. We don't like the 'bottom of the jug' taste either so shaking helps. Plus drinking it within a week of opening helps too.

I think our milk costs somewhere near $3.50 per gallon.

Do you do a deposit because your milk is in a glass jug? Ours is in deposit. I miss the glass bottle deposit days though.
legend_018 said…
Hi. Ahhh milk milk milk. Chayse and Chaunda, especially Chayse love there milk. Chayse is 5 now. Although some days I feel it might get in the way of her eating, it also causes havoc at night. I finally gave up diapers, however I have to take them both to the bathroom at around 11pm or else. Chayse will just keep asking for it some days. Anyway, my doctor said 20-25oz a day is enough for her age. What i have done in the past and need to start doing it again, is I bought a special small container for her. I filled it up in the morning and told her that she doesn't get any more milk when this container is gone. Usually by the end of the night - I'd end up giving her one more glass of milk, but she would think it was still part of the container. Not sure if the container idea will help
Matty said…
I don't think there is such a thing as too much milk, or not enough. It all depends on how much each family uses. I don't know how much we go through here, but we use two kinds. Regular milk and almond milk. The latter has less calories and contains no sugar.
Heather C. said…
You should see my fridge... soy milk for me, 1% for hubby, 2% for James and goat's milk for Lucas! I'm sure people do a double take at my cart on grocery day. :)
It is what it is. Some families go through more, some less. Whatever.
Sandra said…
haha! Ya, a cow might not be a bad idea. I do buy the 4 litre jugs. I guess we aren't milk drinkers because it seems to last us the week. We/I do enjoy our chocolate milk, though.
Hey, I see you're going to Blissdom! So lucky, I couldn't get a ticket!
CanadianMama said…
Wow that does seem like a lot but maybe because we don't drink the same types so it seems less. Little bear drinks my milk so that's free. Chicken drinks organic milk and he doesn't drink much (a liter a week usually), I drink almond milk and M drinks organic skim.

You are in the country though why not see if anyone has a dairy cow. When we were kids someone always had one for their 4H project and then we had lovely organic milk for super cheap!
TheFitHousewife said…
We go through a ton of milk....3 of the 4 litre jugs and 1, 2 litre jug each week! My boys love milk...especially when I add Quik to it ;) Yes, it gets expensive! I hope you take your milk jugs to the bottle depot...gotta get that $0.25 deposit back!
We go through a lot of milk. I'm afraid to figure out how much.
we go through a bunch as well. little man alone goes through 4 litres a week and if he runs out before we get to the grocery store he'll drink mine...i'll drink either skim or 1% and between my hubby and myself we'll go through 4 litres a week as well. (drinking it and cereal milk for me and cereal and coffee milk for hubby)

so, i don't think you are going through too much milk!
Heather said…
I've not really kept track (we have a grocery store around the corner so it's easy to stop in when we need to pick something up - less planning) but we buy the lactaid milk which is more expensive so...we likely spend a pretty penny just on milk in our house too.
bigjonah said…
We go consume between 10L and 12L of milk a week if the chocolate milk is on sale we drink double

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