A Canuck Party Too Good To Miss!

Want to meet more Canucks in the blogosphere?
Want to meet more Canucks in Twitterland and on Facebook?

Then Join the Party!

Lots of these Canucks will have giveaways on the go....
you won't want to miss out!

Come meet your fellow Canucks and celebrate CANADA DAY! There are 5 fabulous hosts for this event, so make sure to pop in and do the rounds! It isn't a requirement that you follow everyone, so there is no pressure.  Just say hi!

If you're a new arrival to Peek Thru Our Window, we talk about anything and everything here. I occasionally have a giveaway to entice you with, and currently have some Disney and Ford Canada topics on the go. I hope you'll stick around to see what the heck we get ourselves into and that you'll want to learn more about our neck of the woods, somewhere just outside Cowtown.

The Great Canadian Blog Bash 2011!


Off to visit my Canadian neighbors....! Hope they have good coffee and muffins!
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for joining us Sami Joe! I hope you and your family have a fabulous Canada Day weekend!
Thanks for linking up Sami Joe! Love the new header! Happy Canada Day!
Hey Sami Joe!! Love your blog!! I am a new follower now, thanks for taking part in #TGCBB, we are glad to have you on board with us!!
Hi gorgeous, thanks so much for linking up to TGCBB! So glad to have you!

Happy Hopping love!

Hi from #TGCBB! Passing by to say hi and invite you to pass by anytime. So happy to find such great Canadian bloggers like you!
Mama MOE

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