For Real?

Still trying to decide whether the question was 'real' or not...
but love LOVE love
the answer!

*Especially where she states--she'd like to give her forehead some keyboard!*

*click on the photo to read full article*


Matty said…
Yes, the answer as a whole is right on the mark. But the best part is the last line.....keep your snit to yourself. Love it.
Wow, I do love the answer, but I wouldn't want to call that selfish person my friend.
Sonya said…
Fantastic answer! I cant believe someone actually asked a question like that.
Unknown said…
This was a fantastic article - thanks for sharing it.
Melissa said…
Loved her answer. If people only knew that it took every ounce of every day and everything out of you moment to moment with no break to parent. Yes lots of joy but it's not for the weak at heart.

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