Sundays In My City~ A Father's Day Outing

Panoramic View!

For Frau.

Fuelled by Beamer's Coffee--sooooo good!

Do you see the Mountain Goats??

View of town, from way up high!

A reflection.

Unknown Mami

In the words of Unknown Mami,
"I showed you mine, now you show me yours!"

Happy Sunday All~

most importantly,

Happy Father's Day to all DaddyO's!


Gorgeous! Happy Father's Day!!!

I love the last shot.
Sonya said…
Oh my goodness..the first and last photos are my favorites! I sure miss scenery like that..just beautiful!
J said…
That last pic is absolutely breathtaking! Thanks for sharing your city!
May said…
I think I saw the alps in your pics!!! Tell me, where is this place?? It looks like sheer paradise !!!
Unknown said…
In the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada.
Rebecca said…
A very gorgeous place you live!
Joanna Jenkins said…
It's been a long time since I saw views like that first and last shots. Gorgeous.
Happy Father's Day
starnes family said…
Holy gorgeous scenery. Love it.
Matty said…
Oh wow, the pictures are gorgeous. I love the country atmosphere. Especially that nice reflection shot. It's wonderful.
Marla said…
Great photos!!!
Melissa said…
I love where you live.
Unknown said…
Great photos, Sami, especially the last "reflections". Glad it wasn't raining. At least at that height, you were safe from the flooding further south. :)
Traci said…
Wow! So beautiful. My hubby has been sending back such gorgeous photos from the Northwest Territories! Everything is so lush!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures, Sam !!!
Gorgeous....omg Canada is beautiful I can't wait to cross the boarder and get a closer look. Love the German/Canada flag picture...thanks!!
Melani said…
Nice pics!

are those the goats butts we are looking at? LOL

Canada is beautiful, but cold as I see from your weather thing on the sidebar, brrrr!

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