Sundays In My City~ County Fair

Climbing Together.

Beebo Starfishing...

Xman's second attempt. The first video was not so pretty!

We.slid. A LOT.

What a fabulous day with good friends!

Unknown Mami
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Melani said…
oh those slides are so much fun, but man, climbing them can almost take the fun out! I went to a birthday party and there was a tall slide like this, and I had to lug my 2 yr old, it was hard and we only slid down that one a few times! So much fun!
I wanna go down one of those slides.
Matty said…
Nothing like a small town carnival for some good clean fun. What kid doesn't like a slide.
Fun! Love fairs...more for the cotton candy! Have a wonderful week!
Sonya said…
aaww I wanna go down one of carnivals are the BEST..espically because of the
Lee Ann said…
Ooh fun fun fun!! x
Marla said…
Love the videos. What a fun day!

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