Recalled? ARgh!

Woe is me.
I never buy glasses and such like this from McDonald's.
At least, i haven't since i was a child...
(and of course, it wasn't my money so technically,
we'll just call that one my parents fault. Tee hee!)

These perty Shrek glasses, i thought would be fun for the kids!
For real, they've been recalled.
This happened a few weeks back now,
but i mean- my luck!

Worse than lead?


So, i guess the question is...

would you just throw them away,
do i hike my butt down to McD's for a refund??

*cost was $1.99 CDN per glass*


starnes family said…
I have heard so much about these glasses! I'd just take them on your next trip in. What a pain!
I think for me it would depend on how much they cost! =)
Unknown said…
They were $1.99 each. Not a huge loss!
Take them back for a refund because they should be checking that their stuff is not toxic.

P.S. I just found out that the giveaway that I am currently hosting is open to Canadian residents, if you are interested.
I was at McD's yesterday and saw a notice about these. Geesh, they really should know better. Take them back the next time you are in the area.
just noticed your button over there, I don't think I have it yet. I will now!
Unknown said…
For What it is Worth--there are currently NO rules about Cadmium usage in Canada. HEALTH CANADA will need to bone up, and get some rules down quick!
Especially since they say that Cadmium is actually worse than just using lead paint. UGH.
*Testing by a Third Company for McD's did show the glasses to not be harmful, BUT...*

psst--thanks for taking my button! i'm revamping at the moment, but do plan on having a 'button' section.
Dee said…
Sami - not sure if it's the same in Canada but in the U.S. they are offering $3 refunds for each glass even though they cost less to purchase. Also, the cadmium rules in the U.S. were not violated by sale of the glasses because they only apply to toys and drinking glasses do not fall into that category. Technically McD's did not have to recall them, so are saying they are being responsible corporate citizens by doing so. But can you imagine the backlash if they didn't recall them? Yikes.
Unknown said…
Thanks Dee! You've summed it up beautifully! Canada McD's statement is very similar and i believe them.
I mostly just need to get rid of them, so i am not tempted to actually use them--LOL! Have not heard any details on the refund amount--guess i'll let you know! Ugh.
A refund--@ McDonald's??
Depends on how much your gas is and your time worth! I say chuck them!
Matty said…
Maybe they'll be collectors items some day and be worth trillions and trillions.
Unknown said…
Depends how far you live from the closest McD's...but I'd probably go for the refund if there was one close by.

I do remember having some of those glasses from childhood!
I would take the back for a refund and pick up a treat for your kiddos!!
Melani said…
I guess I would take them back! I so wanted to buy those for the kids, since they are not expensive. We usually don't eat McDonalds, but sometimes they have cool toys for the kids.
RAnn said…
You put them away, far out of the kids' reach and hope that one day they will be collector's items! Unless $1.99 Can. is a lot more than US $1.99 returning them isn't worth the hassle (unless you are in McD's a lot anyway) and who knows, one day they may be worth something
Pam said…
Refund the next time you go in there. :) Pam @ Sallygoodin
Marla said…
I would go for the refund.

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