Mommy and Me Monday

I am only just now joining in this meme,
(next week i'll follow the weekly theme! :) )

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

but here is a great "Mommy and Me" Monday moment!

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My Beebo, age 4 years old, at her Mother's Day Preschool Tea.

Thanks to Krystyn for hosting!


What a great shot! And, fun that you got to join her.

Don't worry, there isn't always a theme, so you are perfectly fine...just trying out something new!
What a cute idea to have a Mommy and Me tea party. Your little girl is a cutie!
Steph said…
Such a gorgeous picture! I bet the tea party was so much fun.
Liz Mays said…
You both are very pretty girls!
D'Anna said…
What a wonderful pic of you both!
Jenny said…
That is a lovely photo!
Rana said…
What a beautiful picture! Tea with mommy what could be better.
That is so sweet. I love that picture.
Unknown said…
The camera loves you both--so photogenic. See you soon in person. Can't wait. Rosemary
Jenilee said…
that is a beautiful shot! so cute! I'm just joining in today too for the first time. I posted on my daughter's blog though... :)
CalgaryDaddy said…
Great Picture!

Melani said…
Beautiful pic! You both have really pretty eyes!
IASoupMama said…
Oh, you are both gorgeous! What a great picture and memory!
Marla said…
What a great photo!!

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