Sundays In My City~ All Abloom!

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Iceland Poppies!

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Bleeding Hearts!

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Unknown Mami

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Lisa said…
Your blooms are real pretty and to me, they are unusual too.
Amy DM said…
Beautiful flowers!

Happy Sunday!
starnes family said…
Love the blooms.......this is my favorite part of summer!
Tara R. said…
Your flowers are gorgeous.
Anonymous said…
My favourite flowers to grow in the west! It's great to see another Canadian here, and just a few hours away. Thanks for the peek!
Unknown said…
Yep, if it grows out of a rock, we love it!
The first picture is Iceland Poppies and the next pictures are Bleeding Hearts!
Matty said…
Very pretty. I especially like the bleeding hearts.
Oh! I've never seen a bleeding heart, but I've read about them. They're lovely. :-)

Here from SIMC.
Joanna Jenkins said…
I'm a huge Poppy fan! They bloom in January here (Los Angeles).

Happy SIMC
Nancy C said…
Just delightful! After your winter, you've EARNED this color!
Rebecca said…
Your flowers are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Unknown said…
Oh my goodness Sami! These pictures are so pretty. I have never seen bleeding hearts in person. They look so lovely!

Your new layout looks super!
I've never seen a bleeding heart in person either. Gorgeous.
I used to grow both of those flowers, so I have a fondness for them :) Poppies were my wedding flower, too.

Kristin - The Goat
Erin said…
Beautiful! I love the bleeding heart!
Sonya said…
Bee-utiful poppies and bleeding hearts!!
qandlequeen said…
I love the poppies. We had some in our backyard when I was growing up and I really miss them.

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