Happy Anniversary!

This Beautiful Photo, all credit to...
PhotoJournal of Brian Branch, Moncton NB Canada.

Wishing my awesome Hubster and DaddyO
all the best,
on this,
our 8th Wedding Anniversary!
(together for 13 years)

Love Always,


Happy Anniversary! Hope you guys have a great celebration.
Rebecca said…
I totally think that would be a good photo to keep at the top of your page because your title page is called 'peek through our window' and it almost seems as if we are peeking through something....I love it!
Nancy C said…
Happy Anniversary!
Melani said…
Happy anniversary! How awesome! We are 1 year behind you guys, we celebrated 7 yrs married in May and we have been together 12! so we are a year behind there, too! LOL
Matty said…
Congratulations and here's to many more.
we have our 8th this fall and have been together 13 years too!!! :)
Happy Anniversary!
Melissa said…
Marla said…
Happy Belated Anniversary!

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