Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Treat

When we are little, Hallowe'en is a night of goodies and costumes! Pretty much... free! Perhaps we'll do some bobbing for apples (which is slightly healthier!) at a party, but other than putting together a costume suitable for nabbing up candy from neighbours (and strangers), Hallowe'en really isn't much work.
As an adult, we might not be so inclined to dress up (or we may). And society may also perceive adults going door to door a little odd? Things change. We become homeowners (or respectable tenants--as opposed to university kids renting) and suddenly, we're the providers of the candy.


I personally hate having to buy things last minute. I hate the crowds (also getting their candy last minute!) and i also hate the lack of selection! At least if i have to buy the candy, i'd like to get what i really want to get.

But how do you do that weeks in advance?
How do you KEEP said candy until Hallowe'en??

My waistline bulges just thinking about it!

The fact is (and i'm not sure about the rest of you), we don't.

By October 1, hubby is texting me on shopping trips, asking for these treats~! I swear to God, no word of a lie, that guy (dh) demands more chocolate than most women i know!! I have a VERY hard time buying candy on grocery excursions, but try to be a little more understanding and forgiving for the fun of Hallowe'en.
Thankfully, we only sneak these goodies when the kiddos are in bed (again, waistline bulging~) and all our hard work for the day is done (who am i trying to convince?).

So, this happens, repeatedly until the eve of Hallowe'en. THEN, we are supposed to have candy on hand for any neighbours (or strangers) who might visit us for a treat. Assumably, we've still tackled those last minute crowds and come home with candy that was not our first choice. But we're prepared!!

This whole theory/game plan ONLY works if you actually live in the city and WILL have neighbours (and strangers) to visit you. (The thing i miss MOST about city living!!! Boo)

So... here we sit, rural living, with a history (last Hallowe'en) of no visitors to our door. STOCKED with candy!!!

Waistlines will be bulging, no doubt.

What is your favourite, Hallowe'en treat?? You know, the treat that you loved receiving the most as a child?

What treat do you like to hand out?? Are you a chocolate giver or a chip giver??

Do you like to dress up and scare the wee ones??

AND, how many bags of candy do you eat BEFORE Hallowe'en even arrives?? Come on, please do not let me be the only one to admit it....

If all this candy eating isn't bad enough, how many of us will be eating some of our kiddo's candy too??



For anyone wanting to check out something truly inspiring, click here .

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's so NOT "Wordless Wednesday" in my world!~ (a fairly common blog title for today)

Ok, so i am not completely sure how it all works in the Blogosphere (?), but like i said at the beginning of this blog, sometimes i just ain't done talking!

Two things i've come across today and would like to share:

1. Tinkerbell & the Lost Treasure
~ Thanks Mel for hooking me up with this link! If you only realized how terribly addicted most of my family is to Disney and all it's treasures! I'm sure this coupon link will get good mileage!! (Good for $10 off the Blu-ray, until October 31, 2009. Good in Can/USA)

2. H1N1 Flu- Preparedness Gov't Canada
~ A great website set up by the Government of Canada, on H1N1 flu symptoms and what we can do to be prepared. The site does give vaccine info, but does not focus on that side of the issue. Just a good, need to know, find-it website!

Excited to be off for the evening to a book party soon! Hopefully i can contain myself---I LOVE BOOKS!!!


All set to SKI!

Beebo really wants to learn how to ski!

Here she is trying on her new skiis.....

Yep, gonna be smooth sailing, right??

*please note: She really DOES want to learn how to ski. The crying might have been our fault, since our need to see her in the skiis was greater than the tired child's desire. It was almost bedtime. Bad Mommy moment for sure--great picture though, no??

Monday, October 26, 2009


Two sick bubbas at home, who seem to have alot of tears today...

One tired-of-tears MommyO, who needs to giggle for just a moment.


BALLOONS! was great while it lasted! Almost naptime!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Spirit of the Holidays

It seems that every year around this time, i begin to feel slightly more 'charitable' than usual. That's not to say i'm not normally a giving person, but i guess the falling snow somehow reminds me that i DO have a nice warm home to live in, and that some others do not.

This year my two little bubs are older, so i'd really like to get them involved! I'm not completely sure how much they'll 'get' from it, but hopefully by doing it every year, it'll come to be something they look forward to and enjoy (and just perhaps, will donate their future allowances to).
I'd love to hear ideas from you all about some things we could plan on doing.

Ideas so far:

I've given to this organization before and have decided to make it more of a habit. It really does not take much money at all to help. The Smile Train helps developing countries learn how to perform and fix cleft lip and palate; a seemingly simple operation these days in many parts of the world. Do you know that it only costs $250 dollars for a 45 minute, life changing operation for a child?? Please check out their website to learn more.

I personally have not donated in this way to World Vision in the past. The concept is that instead of 'adopting' a child, instead we can give in other ways that are family and community altering! Cows, goats, sheep, hens & roosters, stables, housing, medical supplies, mosquitos nets, school supplies, nutritional lunches, books etc! You choose the gifts, and World Vision delivers them to children and families around the world.
What's that saying, "Teach a family to fish..."

Check it out! Two hens & one rooster for as little as $55 dollars!

  • Food Drive- before Xmas break

Our family has offered to help collect canned goods etc. from Beebo's preschool. Each day, we will collect from anyone wishing to make a donation. At the end of the week, we'll take all of the goods collected down to the Food Bank. In the future, i'd like the kids to spend their own money to purchase goods to be donated to families in our community.

We haven't decided yet what our 'monetary' donation for 2009 will be, but i would encourage you all to see how much you could spare. Even if it is buying a small toy for a child who will spend his Christmas holiday in the hospital. That smile will be cherished for years to come!!!

Think Selflessly this season.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cute can be very deceiving!!

At around 2:30am last night, i heard my cellphone ringing from the kitchen (next to Xman's room). I don't know who the heck it was, but i bolted out of bed to go and retrieve it before everyone was awake!

Standing in the dark with my cellphone in hand, i realized i was standing in something. I moved to the left, i moved to the right. I even walked a few feet away. STILL standing in something! Aw, cr*p--whatever it was, it was EVERYWHERE!

Since my brain could not figure out what i was standing in, i needed to turn on a light. Upon turning on the light, i could see that one little cat had been up to trouble!! AND yes, it was all my fault! I had been pruning plants etc. the afternoon prior, and had come to the realization that a few indeed were dead. I placed them on the counter where i put the recyclables and had forgotten to take them out to the garage as planned.

Well, Miss Kitty definitely noticed. And knowing her love of plants, i never should have been so trusting. She handily pushed them off of the counter and from what i can tell, the Dragon tree (which she had always shown much love for and is also probably the reason it died) was dragged everywhere through my house!!

Ok, so it's 2:30am and my house has been ransacked by dirt! What to do, what to do??

I WISH i had taken a picture, because then at least now i might be able to laugh about it! But i guess because i was only half awake, taking a picture was not a priority. I grabbed the broom and dustpan and started to clean it all up. How SUCKY!

By 3am, all was good and i was back in my bed all nice and toasty. Kids and daddy were all still sleeping. Mommy to the rescue once again!

Today, Miss Kitty is following me around like she knows what she did. And i bet, she does--if it hadn't been 2:30am when i found all this dirt, Miss Kitty just might have got a good chasing around the house and some gratuitous swear words thrown at her. Saved by the darkness this time.

AND i am still finding dirt!!

Hope Miss Kitty had fun... i certainly have not.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Age Old Practice

YES, i'm a geek!
I love coupons! (Thank God for diaper coupons!)
I am *almost* ready to admit that it's a slight addiction, however an addiction that SAVES you money cannot be all bad?? Can it?

Coupons have been around for a long time! Coupon History

While many things have changed over the decades; cash culture to credit culture, then onto the age of debit, coupons still serve the same ol' purpose. Today, coupons happen in many forms. We can find coupons in the newspaper, online, in the form of codes for online shopping, and where they all began, in-store. If we're really creative, we can even swap coupons with friends!! One day i'll host a big Poker game and the ante will be coupons (I saw this idea in the movie Mr.Mom and have had it on the brain ever since), just imagine that.

So, i am wondering... who else shares in my fetish??

Are you a 'closet' coupon junkie, or are you openly 'geekified'?? Hee hee.

And finally, does having a coupon inspire you to try a new product, or do you search out coupons for products you are loyal to??

-I am slightly more inclined to try something if i have a coupon, but will admit fully to being brand loyal and looking for sales/coupons on those items.

"Hi. My name is Sami and i am a coupon junkie!"

There we go, all better now.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sweater Weather!

Don't you just love Autumn??

Ours seems to be speeding right by... in fact, the ground where i live has been covered with snow since October 3. I know, crazy!

Today we had a *brief* warm spell, so we all headed outside for some last chores before winter. A great opportunity to get a shot of our family (see above header)!


Loving the sweaters especially.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A few new favourites!

Thanksgiving was a blast! To sum it all up, YUM!
I decided to kick that family classic Green Bean casserole to the curb this year, after realizing, that i don't even actually like it! I guess i just always made it for everyone else.

New items on the menu:

Yorkshire Puddings (Club House)

Blueberry Baked Brie Puff Pastry (with a few substitutions)
Maple & Mustard Glazed Parsnips

Black Olive Tapenade
All were fabulous additions to our 16lb Tom~!

Did you try anything new to eat this Thanksgiving??


Friday, October 9, 2009

Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend

No better place to begin a blog, than with a long weekend! Aaahhh! This weekend in Canada, we give thanks for all the things we are blessed with. Houses smell of glorious turkeys and pumpkin pies, families congregate and hopefully, the weekend will inspire us all to be a little more charitable.

Usually, we frolic in the fallen leaves and take in the last days of true Autumn. However, this year it seems where i live, we'll be embroiled in falling snow. Yippee-kai-yay! Cr*p! Don't get me wrong, i am a lover of snow and actually don't mind it one bit. But, i'm remembering that i haven't fully finished putting bulbs in my gardens (that'll still be ok, right?) and that yes, i did agree to host a BIG family dinner on Sunday. (Off to get Tom out of the freezer, brb) It would be so nice if the *weather Gods* could send sunshine on that day; my house is just not that fun with all of us stuck inside! I think a fire outside would be a nice way to pass the time...(mostly so everyone doesn't stare me down in our open concept kitchen the whole time i'm cooking!)

This morning the kids and i ventured off to the "BC Fruit Man", who stops into town once per week with fresh produce from BC's interior. It is his last week making the journey, so he said he'd have pumpkins! The kids happily bundled up in their snowsuits and boots (Xman walking for the 1st REAL time in boots) and off we went. Turnips, Red Peppers, Parsnips & Fresh Onions-- bonus, he gave the kids two pumpkins each! He said it was their way of 'thanking us' for our business all summer long. I was ecstatic! Firstly, pumpkins don't run cheap and secondly because they were gorgeous! Not perfectly round, but definitely unmarred. The kids, of course, love to be given things; while i was just happy to feel appreciated.

Good lessons like that rarely present themselves. The kids were able to see how being loyal and treating others with kindness is very rewarding!! (in more ways than one) And...well, we might have just driven ourselves to Starbucks for a treat too! (Oopsy, guess i didn't really save any $ then, did i? That Pumpkin Spice Latte sure was yummy though!)

Like most of you, i'm sure we've gathered that the Canadian Thanksgiving sorta stems from the American Thanksgiving? Well, i decided to look it up for a definition--us Canucks deserve to know more about 'why' we do what we do.

Canadian Thanksgiving

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

*still working out the kinks with links!*

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I guess the time has come for me to 'officially' pronounce my views/memories/ideas via blogging. These days, while Facebook deems ruler, i still have trouble with enough type-space to fully LET OUT my thoughts.
Ugh. *Sigh*
I have things to say, gosh darnit.
Let me be heard!