Wordless Wednesday ~ My Love


In the days before digital,
(and lazily a picture of a picture),
me and my Love,
on our Wedding Day.

(15 years together, almost 10 years of marriage.)

What would I do without this guy in my life??


Lynette said…
so lovely!!!! Congratulations :) We also have before digital wedding photos.

Happy Valentine's Day too.
momto8 said…
happy valentines day!!
Sweet photo! I love wedding photos, they always make me smile!
oh look how tiny and adorable you are! love it!
Gorgeous couple! I know I feel so lucky to have a greet guy...I can't imagine life without him.
Heather said…
you look amazing with your hair up like that! Beautiful pic :)
Even slightly out of focus, you guys are the picture of love. Congratulations!

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