Brunch With Us #1: BSide Bistro at the Bears Den, Bearspaw #NWYYC

The first brunch I'd like to introduce you all to is at the Bears Den in Bearspaw, every Sunday from 10am - 2pm.   At $19.99 per adult and $1-per year of your child, this casual 'dim sum style' service is one of the best brunches in town-- NO doubt!

The brunch is hosted in the BSide Bistro.  (The Bears Den is the fine dining portion of the establishment.)  The walls of this windowless den are decorated with huge wooden art, depicting bears and other animals in nature scenes. I cannot even describe to you how beautiful the restaurant is; only that it is simply something you must see for yourself.

Once shown to your seat and your drink/coffee order has been taken, you can begin your eating adventure. Off to the side of the bistro, tables of fruit, cheeses, meats, salads, desserts (OH MY the dessert!) and many other traditional breakfast choices are laid out. You will also find yummy hot foods such as Alberta Beef stews, Shepherd's Pies, Pastas with Marinara sauce etc. Everything you will want to eat will not fit on one plate... you'll be visiting the buffet a few times guaranteed.

I will warn you in advance that I did say they serve it up  'Dim Sum' style, meaning that FRESH, unexpected options may arise! Apparently, the Chef just whips up whatever he fancies that day and you will be offered these goodies in addition to your buffet. Just as you think you've finished, around comes another tasty morsel to persuade your button to pop!

This brunch has it all!  A lovely atmosphere that is very much kid-friendly. (On one of our visits, we had 4 very young children and were happily accomodated and equipped with highchairs/boosters... even though we may have had a few tearful moments at our table.)  Food options that were normal and par for the brunch course, as well as options that were special and elusive.   Excellent service was enjoyed too!  We quite liked our brunch experience at the BSide Bistro .  (Reservations are highly recommended.)

BSide Bistro, 254028 Bearspaw Road NW 
Calgary, Alberta,
 T3L 2P7

Sunday Brunch Buffet Hours: 
10:00/10:30 or 12:00/12:30.
Adults $32.95, Seniors $25.95, Children (Ages 3-12) $1.50

For reservations, call (403) 241-7611


*This is not a sponsored post.*


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