Universal Studios, California

On Friday we spent the day touring Universal Studios in California. We had so much fun experiencing movie magic for the day. Studio tours complete with earthquake simulations and one heck of a 360-degree King Kong bashing! Plus, it's always fun to get your picture taken with movie and television stars...


Heck, The Simpsons have been around for most of our lives. DaddyO needed to get his picture taken with Homer.


The kids would not get their pictures taken with anything in a costume, so I made sure not to let Shrek and Fiona get away without a picture.


And Beebo was absolutely ecstatic when Beetlejuice walked by (she likes her bugs as much as he does)... she HAD to get her picture taken with him. He also hocked a  loogied in her hat-- doesn't get much better than that!

Have you had a Universal experience??
What movie/tv stars did you get to meet??


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