Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Confession

This is Wedding Weekend!  To see how the Mother-of-the-Bride is doing, check HERE.   We're crossing our fingers for blue skies and no cougars. Like any outdoor wedding, pre-wedding day angst tends to focus on the weather. I may not be able to control the weather ~sigh~. Wouldn't it be nice if we could control the weather??

I digress...

I am in the bridal party. That means there is an outfit to plan.  This outfit took weeks of prep and hush hush action.  My 'prep' isn't so cool these days.  As with most dresses, they always look better with a tan. Getting some colour is fun- it makes us feel perked up and refreshed and a tan goes a long way for the confidence. But in today's world, were all about SPF and the kids-- eeep--- don't get them burned! Sun protection is important; sun protection is en vogue.

So, why the vanity??

A good question. I am not an overly vain person when it comes to my appearance. I get my hair done or cut for's not someting i plan into my life unless there is a reason. (And apparently, the reason that it makes me feel great isn't good enough?)  I really just don't seem to make the appointments to do it. It's something i'd like to do and want to do more often, but i just don't.

For the wedding, this is the colour dress i have chosen for myself.


I tried on lots and this is the one that looked nicest. It is totally out of the box for me in colour choice-- i'm going to be PINK all day! I am girl/woman, hear me roar! Lol.  I tried this dress on pale as a ghost. Yeppers, it was a shiny white day in those dressing rooms. What's up with their lighting??? In the end, we all agreed (the 5 or so storeclerks i had coralled for opinions) it was to be the pink one. Gulp! In my head, i knew there had to be tanning involved. This colour needs colour!

I had some choices. Don't harm the skin and use a tube. No offense to anyone who does, but you really have to be good at this. I fear, i could never be good at this and i think it would be terrible if i f**ked up and was all blotchy?? (Cuz that's my luck!)  I'll give you an A for effort, but i just don't trust myself.

Next choice, spray on tan. I don't know- i could have tried, really i could have. But then this whole other strain of vanity showed up and i was afraid that might go bad too! It's still new technology and what-- spray 'tan' at me?? Sounds odd. I haven't tried it and therefore really should have no opinion, but it sounds unnatural (Eventhough VERY good for your skin i've heard-- super moisturizing plus!).

My final and subsequent choice was to tan on purpose.  I could have left myself at the whim of natural sunshine, but i feared with how our weather was going i may not see the sun again!  Or that i may get a sunburn and i may peel.  And peeling is uber yucky!   So, i've been venturing to the tanning salon over the last few weeks in small increments and wearing my sunscreen outdoors all the time.  I think i've accomplished what was needed... i definitely do not want to look over-tanned.

So yep- it's out now.  That's the confession.  I've been a bad girl, hurting my skin on purpose for the sake of a dress.

What have you done for an outfit?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


No potato famine round here.

What's growing great in your garden?

Thanks to Merry With Children for hosting!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Disney's New Winnie The Pooh

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to go see Disney's newest Winnie The Pooh Adventure!  In classic Pooh fashion, the story book and words are intertwined within the movie.  The story begins with Pooh noticing that Eeyore is missing something?  His tael. They set out on a mission to find it, eventually looking for answers at Christopher Robin's. But when they get to Christopher Robin's, all they find is a note. In reading the note an error is made, leaving the gang fearing for CR's safety! You can only imagine the silly things that happen next.

I am not a huge Tigger fan, but felt that there was just the right amount of Tigger to satisfy. And if you have younger kids who cannot quite sit through a full length film yet, this film runs about 70 minutes long and may be the perfect starter!

Out in theatres right now!

*Peek Thru Our Window was provided with tickets to view Disney's New Winnie-the-Pooh by Disney Canada. As always, the opinions expressed are our own.*

Thursday, July 21, 2011

When Will She Learn??



Thankfully, this time there are only about 50 quills... last time (about 3 years ago) there were over 250 quills in her face and it took two vets two full hours to get them all out!!

I love our vet, but seriously-- vet bills like this do not come cheap! This dog is easily padding his retirement....

(She is an Alaskan Malamute and has a wicked pain tolerance! If this was a little dog, it would be much different.)

I guess the gopher that taunts her in her yard is just NOT interesting enough?

*Off to trap TWO porcupines...they live in twos apparently.*

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What's Up?

Wow- i haven't written in what feels like forever! But it has really only been a few days! We've been rather busy around here and things don't look to be slowing down anytime soon! Ack!

Three weekends ago, Beebo slipped in the hot tub and whacked her chin. She was very lucky to get away with a good cut and no glue or stitches (a steri-strip held her together), but kiboshed the week of swimming lessons i had enrolled her in. That meant she got switched to swimming lessons last week- a week that already had too much to do.


Wednesday, i went to party like it was 1999 (er, maybe 1989?) at the Calgary Stampede for NKOTBSB!   Yep. I did. I screamed. I yahoo'ed. I went home voiceless and tired. Have you seen NKOTBSB this tour??

(Last year at the Stampede i sweated/danced/gawked at Richie and Jon Bon. This time, Joey Mc and Nick Carter were the fine specimens. I believe all women should go yell and scream (and throw their bras) at gorgeous men at least once per year. Oh yeah, and did i mention they were gorgeous?? ~Sigh~)

Yep, this is how i dressed Stampede style.
So what if i was wearing my daughters hat!

On the weekend, we were off to Hubster's annual work picnic. 4 hours away.  We made it only 45 minutes away over 2.5 hrs time-- Beebo had a stomach ache. In search of Pepto on the highway is always a treat (and a 5 years old pooping in gas stations not so easy). After much whinging, we aborted mission in search of home. Who really wants to travel 4 hours away with someone who may start vomitting?? Not i.    Apparently though, there were 200,000 uninvited guests in attendance, making things a bit bug-ey!  Doesn't sound like we missed much.

This week and next: More swimming...Xman the Salamander!  Beebo and i will watch from the stands as the lifeguards watch my son plummet himself into the water unexpectedly. Eventhough.he.cannot.swim! Fearless. I believe my mother-in-law strolls in to town for the last of the wedding prep Thursday? (T-minus 2weeks till the big day!)  The kids have daycamp at the farm nearby, i'll be reviewing the Lincoln MKX all week PLUS, the kids and i will be doing some chocolate tricks for a NEW local company! (Details to come!)  Yep, chocolate-- can't say no to that, can i??

I must also mention that i will be getting my hair done. Nuff said.  Crammed full.

Things i want or need to do:
- I really need a bathing suit. Really bad. But am lacking the WANT to go find one. Ugh.
- have a play date with this lady OR this lady OR both. When??...i'm working on that.
- oh oh - there was something else on the list that i've forgotten???? That cannot be good.

SUMMERtime is busy.
Just when i was relishing in the laziness of summer and the lack of routine and MUST DO's, i realize Summer is much busier than school.

I hope all of you are having a fabulous summer so far too??

What's keeping you busy?

PS- It's almost wedding time! To follow the adventures of 'Bridie-Dearest' leading up to the BIG DAY, click HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordful Wednesday~ The Veggie Garden


Here is my sadness.

LAST YEAR, i thought my garden had a rough season. Apparently it can and does get worse!

Monsoon June drowned most of my seeds and seedlings. So i planted some more. It just ain't happening folks.

Seems i will have some carrots (they're sprouting, but way behind!), some onions (not pictured), and some potatoes. VERY exciting crop!

(But i was blessed with an awesome bumper crop of weeds--- oh yes, me loves my weeding! Argh!)

Mother Nature has sucker punched me once again.

OH- the greenhouse??? How's that doing you say???


Yep, down that path again....

How does your garden grow??

Monday, July 11, 2011

Music Monday

I have heard this song on the radio non-stop.
Though you may catch me tapping along to her tunes,
i am not officially a 'fan' and have never owned a Britney cd.

Now i do.
Yesterday, i purchased 'Femme Fatale'.

I am horribly stuck on this song, eventhough the lyrics are clearly sexy and watching this video makes me feel old somehow??

Gotta love the pumping bassline that  makes everything not matter. Just dance. Until the sun comes up or the world ends or otherwise. Just dance. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Help! Book needed.

You know... i am in need of a good book.

I took a little book hiatus and have only really been reading blogs and the news online. I'll also admit to extremely enjoying some gossipy drivel (Life&Style, People).   I like a good story- can't skimp on the storyline.  Vampires? Yeah, maybe Bram Stoker's Dracula but i am not so sure about Twilight? If you suggest i read that story, you had better give me one super reason!

I am kind of out of the loop on what has just come out or who is popular these days (aside from the vampire stuff). I am taking a vacation to Maine in August and was thinking maybe i should revisit the King. As in Stephen? What does he have on the go- anything recent?

Or, with my kids getting to chapter-book ages... i thought perhaps i should read some HP. Have you read the Harry Potter series? I haven't even seen all of the movies, so most of the stories are entirely new to me.

The choices are endless and i need your help!

What should i read??

YAHOO!! and "Winnie The Pooh"

It's Friday! Yahoo! Today begins the Calgary Stampede in these parts! Our Stampede parade was kicked off in fine form by the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge who are in Canada for their first Royal tour! A parade of fascinators and stetsons-- it's been quite the morn!

Sidenote: The more i see that lovely couple, the more the tears flow! It is nice to see Wills so happy, after the heartache in losing his Mum. I'm one big sap when it comes to them it seems.

Tomorrow the family and i head to the theatre to see the newest Winnie the Pooh adventure! Eeyore has lost his tail and the friends rally in a contest to find it.  No lies here, MommyO wants to see this movie WAY more than the kids-- i love the nostalgia in Pooh!!   Join the gang in the Hundred Acres Wood July 15th, at a theatre near you!

Happy Weekend All!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

2011 Ford Explorer: My Final Thoughts

So let's just do this straight up- what i like about what i like. I could tell you exact stats about the newest Explorer, but really i am not well versed in automobile lingo and do not want to 'fake' it. I could discuss horsepower and pistons, but almost no Mommy i know cares.

The number one" Mommy Question" i received about the Ford Explorer was: Can it fit THREE carseats in the back?

You can certainly fit three carseats in the back- in the same row, hard to say?  In the model i had, we enjoyed a 2nd row with two bucket seats. A carseat in each is totally do-able (and we did with our two). The third carseat would have to go in the 3rd row in this model. The 2011 Ford Explorer does offer a 2nd row bench where it might be possible to fit three carseats in this row;  however, three kids in carseats in the 2nd row bench seat might be pushing things just a bit (squabble*crying*headaches).  Just sayin'...

The Technology: The My Ford Touch system definitely took some getting used to (Hello, my car is talking to me??). At first, i considered it a bit of a nuisance; however, that was only in the initial first uses and once i was more familiar with where to find things, its distraction level lessened. I was capable of sync'ing my phone with the My Ford Touch for hands-free use,  but honestly i never did because the more basic needs (climate controls, music, GPS etc) were enough to sort out. I will be reviewing another Ford vehicle in a few weeks time that also has the My Ford Touch feature. This time, I will be sync'ing my phone right away and doing a more thorough investigation of this tool.  Ford hopes that by sync'ing your phone into the system and making things more hands-free while driving, our roads and passengers will become much safer. And anything less to do while driving (save handing snacks to screaming toddlers/breaking up fights/putting in dvds/worshipping your coffee) sounds great to me.

Gas Mileage- This SUV does 11.9L per 100km of city driving and a cool, 8.0L per 100km on the highway. By changing to a unibody frame and taking the 2011 Ford Explorer off its truck chassis, it is now much lighter and way more fuel efficient than past models. In 2012, Ford will offer the Explorer with an Ecoboost engine-- my FAVOURITE engine!  High powered- low fuel consumption! THUMBS UP to not doling out the bucks for gas!

Towing/4WD- My testing model did not have the Class III Trailer Towing Package but... being able to tow anything up to 5000lbs is always handy. Take that mini-van! As for the 4WD, always a plus and definitely necessary during most Canadian winters.

Remote Keyfob/Push Button Start- This key initially had me a little weirded out. What happens if this key stops working??   (And i did have a questionable moment in a parking lot when the car told me that my key was not registering--eventhough i was holding it in my hand! EEk!) The 'Mommy' luxury is that the keyfob only needs to be in the vicinity of the vehicle; for a Mommy with full hands walking towards the car, it was really nice that it sensed me and popped open the locks. Phew! Keeping the keyfob in your purse, combined with pressing the brake and the push button, you are easily on your way without having to dig for your keys. (And us 'Moms' all have oversized purses/diaper bags full of cr*p!)

Cargo- Totally suitable and similar to most mini-vans. You may be able to 'camp' inside the 2011 Ford Explorer if back seats are emptied or stowed, but you'd want to be shorter than 6 feet in height (hope that answers your question C?).

Powered Lift Gate-  Again, complete heaven.  An opening and closing trunk door with the push of a button. One step less for me to do.

Blis Cross Traffic Alert (Blind Spot Information System)- This feature was fairly reliable and often told me when vehicles were too close. I'll admit to being an aggressive driver, so i perhaps did not need to be reminded as often that some cars were too close. I knew they were too close...i was aware. That said, if i was a newer driver or wasn't as confident of a driver, these little sensors would be mighty handy.   *One tip Ford*- perhaps those sensors could be a little less sensitive in a parking lot FULL of cars!? They seemed to get a little overworked in this department.

Back Up Camera- Because everyone can make mistakes sometimes...

Curve Control- This little feature slows the car down for you... when the curve is too big and you're going too fast! Somethings are idiot proof.

Collision Warning With Brake Support- This feature gives you a warning sound BEFORE you smash into something for real!   Wakeup! That said, hopefully you do not miss the warning...

In all, the new 2011 Ford Explorer was a comfortable vehicle to drive and be a passenger in, with many safety worthy features. Like most families, the time comes where you need a car with more seating and *most* times, people choose a mini-van to fit the bill. Unfortunately, as roomy as a mini-van is, i need something that can tow and while i'm at it, i love having 4WD capability-- makes me feel safer. A mini-van, just doesn't cut it for us.

If you want something a little more than a mini-van, Ford has your answer. This cross-over SUV has everything the mini-van family is looking for, including lower fuel consumption. Head to a dealer near you to take one for a test-drive. You may not leave it there!

For more skeptical folk, i'd wait out the 2012 Ford Explorer so that Ford can work out any kinks that may exist.  Next year you can buy the Explorer equipped with the Ecoboost engine and own a vehicle far superior than any other in its class.

Thanks Ford Canada! I have enjoyed the 2011 Ford Explorer test-driving experience and would give serious thought to purchasing one in the future. The safety features you have introduced to the world with this vehicle truly make you top of the line.

Missed parts of our review??

#1- The Meeting
#2- 4WD
#3- Features

*Peek Thru Our Window was provided with a 2011 Ford Explorer by @Ford Canada for the purpose of this review. As always, the opinions expressed are our own.*

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's Stampede Time in Cowtown!

#YYC is gearing up to go cowboy-style for the next 2 weeks, with the annual Calgary Stampede! Get your chuckwagon on, and get thee FREE pancakes!

July 8-17, 2011

To find your FREE pancake breakfast,
use the Flap Jack Finder HERE!

PS~ Guess who'll be leading the Stampede Parade?? The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge- Wills & Kate! I really wish i was going down to the event, but i'll have to watch for it on tv instead.  Not quite ready to hit the gong show with my 3 and 5 yrs old in hand.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Canada Day & Winnie! < huge grin! >


Happy Belated Canada Day to all! Sorry to be late with the wishes, but i was busy hosting yesterday. We enjoyed fine company, a fire, some burgers and get this-- someone who used to work for us showed up with a gift. A gift of a huge box of fireworks! I mean, do they know us or what?? Hubby is quite fond of his fireworks and always has a zoom-pop close at hand. But this July 1st, DaddyO and i had decided not to buy pyrotechnics as we did not want to shell out the bucks. (Read: Previous weekends bachelorette affairs had perhaps depleted the funds??-- oh wait, i haven't told you about that night out yet??? To sum it up: Alan Doyle, Guinness, Shots of Rye & A Sasquatch.)   The timing in this gift could not have been better. ;)

I guess you know how the rest of the night went?

Did you get out to see some fireworks in your neck of the woods yesterday??

(Psst-- any of you Ottawa way see the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge?? Tell me all about it!)

Moving on... Christopher Robin, Winnie-the-Pooh and the gang in the Hundred Acres Wood are back in only a few short weeks to a theatre near you. July 15th-

I have to say that i am possibly more excited than my kids are for this one! And just to shout out a little bit of Canuck pride, did you know that Winnie-the-Pooh is actually Canadian??

Yep, the bear lovingly named 'The Pooh' is from Winnipeg!

"Winnie the Pooh’s Canadian connection began in August of 1914 when a young veterinarian from Winnipeg, Lieutenant Harry Colebourn, enlisted in the Canadian army. Harry boarded a train bound for Quebec along with his regiment. Along the way, the train made a stop in White River, Ontario. While there, on a station platform, Harry spotted a hunter carrying an orphaned black bear cub. Harry decided to purchase the bear for $20 and bring her along with him to Quebec. It was at this time that Harry chose to name the bear Winnie after his home city of Winnipeg. Harry grew quite fond of Winnie and after a short time together in Quebec, they sailed to England. While camped at Salisbury Plain, Winnie stayed in Colebourn’s tent, slept under his cot, and became a favourite among the Canadian soldiers. So much so, that she became the official mascot of the regiment. When Lt. Coleburn’s unit was ordered to the battlefields of France, Harry arranged for Winnie to stay at the London Zoo. When Harry returned to London after the war, he intended to bring Winnie back home with him. However, he quickly realized how popular Winnie had become with the children that visited the zoo. Harry decided to donate Winnie to the London Zoo and he returned home to Winnipeg.
One of the many visitors to the London Zoo was a young boy by the name Christopher Robin Milne. Winnie was Christopher Robin’s favourite attraction at the zoo and he even renamed his teddy bear, Winnie the Pooh, after her. It was around this time that Christopher’s father, A.A. Milne, began writing stories based on the adventures of his son’s stuffed animals. A.A. Milne wrote a series of books about Winnie the Pooh, his son Christopher Robin, and all of their friends in the Hundred Acre Wood. The rest is history and now you know the true origins of how our favourite, silly old bear got his name!"   GB- Disney Canada

To join Winnie-the-Pooh on Facebook, click HERE.

To celebrate more awesome Canucks this holiday, be sure to pop into the Great Canadian Blog Bash before the weekend is over. You never know who you'll meet or who you've been missing out on! A fine collection and more than a few fab giveaways too!

Hope you all have an enjoyable long weekend and may the sunshine be beaming. For our American friends, Happy 4th to you this upcoming Monday!  (Can anyone enlighten me about Strawberry Pretzel Salad & the 4th?? )

PS- MORE about the 2011 Ford Explorer next week!