Where Could He Be?

Yesterday the little man was barking at everyone! None of us were very pleasing to him at all. I was wrapping some presents in the livingroom and Girlie was in her room singing. (I was soooo happy she went to her room to sing-- she was driving me batty!) Anyhow, it wasn't until Miss Singing-Thing was gone that I realized how quiet it was. How very, very quiet.

Then it dawned on me! It was too quiet!

I began to look around the house for the Mister. Ten minutes in, I started to worry. His coat and boots were still hanging up, so he wasn't outside. His room was empty and no one was downstairs at all! I had run out of places to look; the usual suspects were not hiding Xman. Then I remembered that when Xman is grouchy, sometimes he goes behind his bed. It seems to be his calming down spot.


And there he was... asleep behind his bed! Cue the awwwwwwww! Phew, cute as a button, but now I knew where he was at least. I was a little puzzled as to why he was so tired, but whatever-- little dude loves his sleep! (I put him to bed at 730pm the night before and he was out within 15 minutes. Then I had to wake him for school the next day at 815am.) I left him sleeping for about half hour and then woke him up. It was nearing 4pm and I didn't want this little nap messing with bedtime!

We were all very thankful for Xman's self taken nap. His demeanor was entirely different and we all were happy about that.

Do you have a little sleeper who can happily pull up a bed wherever the need calls??


Unknown said…
yes, that would be scary when you couldn't find him for ten whole minutes!!! Well, at least he's got the "self-sooth" thing down pat :)
Kath said…
Glad you found him!

Nope, my kids sleep in two places: beds and cars. Good and bad, I guess.
too cute!! Maybe he is growing...babies need their sleep...my teenage daughter...is a bear without her sleep yesterday late afternoon I made her take a nap...life is better without grouchy children.
Heather said…
AWWWWWWWWW! That's so precious! My kids would never lay down like that...well, at least Hannah wouldn't...the boy might, although he hasn't yet. I'm glad you found him safe and sound. I always panic fast if I don't know where one of them is!

oh and 'choo choo!' haha
Anonymous said…
OMG that is too cute! I love that he has his own little place to calm him down!
Whitney said…
What a sweet way to find him- safe and sleeping. That is adorable.

BUT I am so jealous of parents with kids who actually like sleep, LOL.
Holly said…
My son used to do that too. I have a photo of him sleeping in the middle of the stairs.
Amanda said…
That's great that he has a spot like that and can go there on his own. I have one son that would stay awake until he just fell over - literally. I remember twice when he was a toddler we'd be having quiet time watching a show after dinner and he'd just fall over asleep. The younger one must have all his "stuff" to sleep. His bed, his blankie, his pillow, his toy, his taggie blankies, fan, etc. It's a whole production.
kate said…
I lost Elissa like that once - didn't find her for 20 minutes.

She was sound asleep in her toy box in the closet (yup - I've got pictures).
The Rebel Chick said…
That was so cute! It's funny how kids can find the strangest places to nap!
That is so my son!!! He literally can sleep wherever...ok all my kids can sleep wherever and through anything!!! It's soo cute! Love the pic! :)
CanadianMama said…
This is so cute! Mine would never do that which is a pain to always have to have a bed!

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