Thursday Thoughts: Laundry Room Reno

We recently put in slate tile in the foyer, repainted and put in new trim.  It looks lovely!

Don't you agree?




True enough, you do not know what it looked like before the reno; but trust me when I say it is better. ;)

The laundry room is next on the list for tile, as it shared the same yucky lino as the foyer. My laundry room is um... ugly... and if we'll be doing the floor I may as well take care of a few other things. Proof of ugly... because no one would believe me if I told them.

Picture 1:

They're everywhere! Oh My!

Picture 2:

I have no idea what on Earth and for all that is Holy, possessed someone to cut out pieces from the border? The border is tacky enough all on its own, but for real?? They cut out individual shirts and individually pasted them on the walls. Who thought that was a good idea? I'm pretty sure this is why I hate doing laundry... coming into this room depresses me for more reasons than one. ~sigh~

And the cupboards?  They're just old and will come off... nothing some cedar shelving can't fix.

My problem is (and the reason why I've come to all of you for your lovely opinions) :

The laundry room is kinda small. While I love my front loaders, they certainly take up half of the room. I'm thinking I'd like to have a stacked washer dryer set-up, but wonder if that is what I want? If I stack my washer/dryer, all the controls will be up at the very top. Will I still be able to reach them? Hubby is definitely not short and neither am I, but would I stack the washer up top, or the dryer? In my head, I'm thinking it would be harder to get laundry soap into its area when it is up top, but adding a dryer sheet up top isn't that hard to do.

Am I over-thinking this?

Do you have your washer and dryer stacked?
Or do you have them side by side?

*This post contains a link by Brandsource. The opinions, reno and laundry room ugliness are all my own.*


Mine are front loaders and they're stacked. The washer goes on the bottom. I think it has to. Don't stack it on the base, just the floor. You've seen me, I'm short. I reach no problem.

I actually really like them stacked. I had to stack them because my laundry room is minuscule. I do have to stand on my tippy toes to get the stuff out of the back of the dryer but it really is no big deal.

I do a ton of laundry. I'm what is commonly referred to a "laundry expert" and you, my friend, just received all this advice FOR FREE.

This is your lucky day.
Rebecca said…
I've always had side by side and never owned a front loader. I would consider a front loader but the idea of a stacked system sends chills down my spine.

And the falling laundry is kinda cute. But....ya know...I stare at old grey concrete walls. My 'laundry room' is the washer and dryer in the basement. No shelving or anything. That is ugly! I would LOVE to have those cabinets around my laundry area in the basement. And for it to be nice and bright.
Heather said…
you're lucky you have a room (even an ugly one) to devote to laundry! Mine are stuffed into a nook with the hot water tank / furnace / deep freeze / litter box etc. Ours are stacked and you won't have an issue reaching. Yes, washer has to go on the bottom :)
Unknown said…
I do know I am lucky ladies. Very thankful to have a laundry room.

But we can always want it to be better, right? Part of reno-ing...
Your entry way looks for the laundry room wow that boarder has got to go! I have a side by side washer dryer....but my sister has a stacking one...though she bought it that way and I think the controls are lower. Good luck with whatever you do.
Good job!

Wanna come take care of my place now? Pleez?
Unknown said…
yup, the washer goes on the bottom. Make sure both doors open in the same direction when you stack them, change one if you have too. You will love it: so much more room. Rosemary
My doors don't open in the same direction. Also, do you have a stacking kit?
Unknown said…
I know @Steadfast Ahoy has the answer to the door same direction issue- she switched one of hers, while watching a You Tube video. ;)

A Stacking Kit? Whoa, nelly... no.
TheFitHousewife said…
Ours are side by side, and they have the drawers underneath for extra storage! Love them :)
Rhea said…
My mom has her front loaders stacked. Washer on the bottom and dryer on the top. They work pretty well and don't seem overly tall for reaching.

And yes, who thinks to cut out tiny shirts and paste them everywhere?? That's SO ODD! LOL

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