Have you been looking for CanadianMama?

Earlier this week, a blogging buddy (er, hmm...coincidentally the lady responsible for me starting this here blog!)  had some issues. Apparently her domain name had expired through some serious hijinx and was now in the hands of a Japanese company! (Sneaky... why would peeps in Japan want to be a CanadianMama???)

Anyhow, the story isn't as important as making sure you can still find her! Just Another Mom Blog dropped its .com and became a .ca (which is truly WAY more Canadian in my opinion)! www.CanadianMama.ca  You may have to re-join her Google Reader, but I am not 100% on that. If you followed her and have noticed that you haven't been hearing anything lately, this is why.

Just Another Mom Blog... same CanadianMama, with a few different letters.

Go find her!


Unknown said…
oh man! How do these things happen???? I love my blog and my computer and HATE when things go wrong. There's no way I could figure that one out.
oh what a bummer!! I'll go make sure I am still signed up there
CanadianMama said…
Thank you SO much for blogging about me! Really means a lot and I've had a few people email me and say the only way they found me was through someone else blogging about it!

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