Do You Need a Dressy Dress? I've got the answer!

When I went to Blissdom Canada back in October, I was very fortunate to dine with some very interesting ladies at Table 17 in Toronto. Why were they so interesting you ask?

Well, they had cooked up a rather brilliant idea in my opinion and tis' the season to share these ladies with all of you!  Do you have a formal Christmas party to attend but have nothing to wear? How about a dressy New Years event that has you searching out stores for the perfect dress??

Now tell me, how many of you have had kids and are well... in between sizes? You have dresses in your closet that used to fit, but um yeah, they do not exactly fit the same now??  ~Sigh~ life after kids. Or, you've had a child and plan on having another one and to go out and spend a small fortune on a dress that you'll never fit into again seems pointless?

OR-- you do not have kids at all but you love to look fabulous without spending a lot of money??

Have I fit everyone out there into some category yet??


"Why buy a dress for your next big event when you can rent the hottest frocks at a fraction of the price? Rent Frock Repeat delivers high-end fashion from the runway to your wardrobe. Browse the latest dresses from the hottest designers with ease and stay savvy to recent looks and trends. Rent Frock Repeat is your new approach to style."

Here's how it works:

1. Register with Rent, Frock, Repeat - be sure to completely fill in your email address, billing and proper shipping details.

2. Browse the many designers on the site (Badgley Mischka, Nicole Miller and many others!).

3. Choose by colour, sizing, how fast it can be shipped... click RENT.

4. The dress will arrive 2 days or so before your event. A second dress of the same (diff size) will also be included in case the first does not fit.

5. Wear the dress. Enjoy. Look fabulous. (Take a picture and post it on their Facebook!)

6. Place the dress and its spare into the prepaid envelope provided. Take it to your nearest Canada Post outlet.

(Rent Frock Repeat will deliver anywhere in Canada.  Currently sizes are carried up to 16.)

That's it!

If you need a dress for any event, be sure to check out Rent Frock Repeat. The ladies are well versed in every dress they rent, so if you are having issues using the website, feel free to call them for more help. They will be sure to send you a dress that fits you just right!

*No one compensated Peek Thru Our Window in any way for this post. I enjoyed meeting these ladies and loved their business.   It would be a shame to withhold this information at a major dress wearing time of year!!  Always nice to know our options. *


This is an awesome idea.

OMG that is an awesome service! Thanks for sharing it!
Heather said…
do you happen to know if they have plus size? it doesn't say on the site and won't let me see sizes unless I register....which I'd rather not do only to find I can't use their service.
Amanda said…
That's a great idea for a service! I know I rarely need a formal dress, so I've had the same 2 for the last several years that I rotate and just change accessories.

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