Sobey's BBQ Part2~ The Taste Test

The Taste Test:
Sobey's Compliments Sensations
Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

I regularly use Balsamic Vinegar of Modena in dressings and marinades, but i do not believe i have ever had 'Aged' Balsamic (okay, maybe at my mother-in-law's). Anyway... the Carrot Slaw (page 56 Inspired) and the Tomato-Bocconcini salad (page 27) i was making to go with the Maple Planked Salmon (page 56), both have the Aged Balsamic by Sobey's as an ingredient. Since the balsamic would be muddled in with other ingredients, i decided that during 'appetizer' time we'd test out the Aged Balsamic with some bread.

(Balsamic on the left is the Sobey's Compliments Sensation Aged Balsamic of Modena.)

This is not a comparison with the Kirkland brand at all, please understand. It is what i had in the cupboard and it is not aged. Both products contain Grape Must and Red Wine Vinegar, as well as are 6% acetic acid. However, not being a coinesseur at all, i figured we should try to figure out how 'aging' makes the Sobey's one more special!

The verdict:
Aging the Balsamic Vinegar really brought out a sweeter tone. We were able to soak our bread with it, then eat it without wincing- in that vinegary, bite-type of way. It was full flavoured and smooth, very nice.

Comparitively, the 'unaged' version meant soaking up a smaller quantity with bigger bites of bread. Not bad, just tangy.

I suppose before actually sitting down and discovering each of their flavours, i might not have *really* known what i was missing. Now i do! I never expected their flavours to be so different.

If you see Sobey's Compliments Sensation Aged Balsamic Vinegar in the store,
give good thoughts to trying it.

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**Peek Thru Our Window was given a gift card to cover all the costs for ingredients in these recipes. ENJOY-we sure did!**


starnes family said…
Good tip.

I miss bread. Damn low carb diet.
Rebecca said…
I like adding a some olive oil to the vinegar (almost equal parts)and some fresh ground pepper along with a few tablespoons of Parmesan cheese. That is the bread dipping heaven.
Unknown said…
Oh Ya, I can testify to the goodness of the aged Balsamic. If I had my way we would always have the aged one! So good with fresh bread!
Unknown said…
I have a 25 yr. old bottle of Balsamic hidden in the pantry. If you reduce it, then pour it over strawberries and ice cream, you won't believe your taste buds. Super delicious. Rosemary
I love BV, I didn't know it came aged. I guess we all do though! lol

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