Wordless Wednesday

Recently, Xman has upgraded to bigger blocks!

No word of a lie, he'll play with these pieces of wood, independently for hours!

And then sometimes, we find him making patterns like this:

Grandma says, that his DaddyO used to build with blocks the exact.same.way!

Guess i shouldn't be worried?

(He is wearing his bike helmet because he was biking prior to building.
Not because we fear the blocks konking him on the noggin'!)


Unknown said…
He will become an engineer when he grows up! Look at that precision!
That's amazing! Maybe you need to get him a hardhat for when he builds.
Nancy C said…
Such an awesome kid. You've got a future architect, or engineer, or scientist, or...
Audrey said…
Just think! He'll be making crop circles one day :)
My boys loved blocks too - must be a guy thing.
Unknown said…
King Solomon, the wise Old Man, tells us to "train up a child in the way he should go" meaning, looking for his natural abilities and then facilitating things so he can persue his giftedness. With X this will be an easy thing to do, as it is so obvious where his talents lie. Rosemary
Liz Mays said…
I absolutely love the fact that his dad played in the same type of way!

ps - I'm glad he wasn't wearing the helmet because of paranoia.
Melissa said…
Love you HUGE space.
Is that your garage?

Way to go Xman
Unknown said…
Yep, that is the garage! Thank goodness for it too--it has been so rainy this summer, at least it provides a place to bike ride.
A right wee engineer you have there.
CanadianMama said…
Oh I love it! Linked to you I love it so much!!

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