Mommy Moment

Today i decided it is time to get my hair cut.
I am not opposed to having my hair cut,
but it is not generally something i over plan.
I wake up and i say,

"That's it~!" And, i call...

Being a Mommy,
i only have certain times that i can squeeze in
to my 'no babysitter' schedule.
It depends on when hubby can be home,
or if it is a Saturday,
or evening (are you even open that late?).

Then, the killjoy...
the difficult, yet simple,
"Can i have an eyebrow wax too?"

No Aesthetians available.
None here at that time.
Time for hair and time for eyebrow wax never collide.

was the day i woke up and said,
"It is time."
And i called,

Holy Cow- This Saturday a.m available with following eyebrow wax!!!

That NEVER happens!

I was super busy last week and run completely off my head,
(did i earn it or do i have really bad hair?),
but WOW,
cannot believe it.

Should i test my luck and call them back to see if we can squeeze in some highlights??


Mrs. M said…
That is great....I tend to have to work about my husband's schedule too since I don't have a regular sitter I can just call on whenever.
IASoupMama said…
OOh! Jackpot for you! Enjoy some pampering :)
Unknown said…
My favorite part is when they massage your scalp during the shampoo. I never want it to end. The whole experience is judged by the head massage for me.
Liz Mays said…
I hope you love every minute of it!
I remember those days trying to work around everyone's schedule just to get a haircut.

It is so much easier now that both boys are full time in school.

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