What Can You Do in 30 Seconds?

What happens after a few beers...

Long Exposure,

some flashlights,

and a few willing participants.

Though, i cannot take the credit for any of the picture taking.
I was present and enjoyed watching their creativity...

but, was too lazy after cooking up and eating up the Sobeys feast!!

*Super yummy meal- pictures and recipes to come!*


Matty said…
I envy their creativity. I'm happy just knowing how to put the camera on the full auto setting and pressing the shutter button.
Unknown said…
That's fantastic. I just get stupid after a few beers :)
Helen McGinn said…
Very cool pics! I tend to dance on high structures, yours is much more fun!
Melissa said…
So neat.
How in the world do they do that?
How fun! I love the pictures.
Melani said…
THose are funny! I get pretty stupid after a few beers myslef!

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