Tell Me Tuesday

Okay, so i'm stumped!
Currently my facebook peeps are thinking up answers too, but i'm gonna blog about it as well. Thankfully, it's Tell Me Tuesday, hosted by Canadian Mama!

The last two nights, Xman, age 2.5yrs old, has vomitted in the middle of the night. He vomitted a few times the first night (around 5am), and twice last night (430am). Mostly his stomach seems empty, but last night there was some food bits in it.

Come morning, he's thirsty and can handle watered down juice (i've said no to milk). He isn't totally gungho about breakfast...but does eat it. His behaviour during these days does not indicate that he is ill.

I've Googled the subject and for now have decided NOT to Google more. Verdicts are: possible acid-reflux, post nasal drip, or even.... vomitting can be a precursor to something bigger, like a tumor. See why i don't want to keep Googling?

We haven't gone to the doctor yet...but will if it persists.

So Tell Me,
what ideas do you have?

Has your child ever had this happen?


Lee Ann said…
Sami it used to happen to K all the time, it was always the first sign of an ear infection for us. Possibly time to get the olive oil and garlic out xx
Pamela said…
It has happened to my son too. For two reasons:
Ear infection
Acid Reflex

Maybe you can talk to the pharmacy and they can tell you how much malox (think that is) to give him.

Hope everything works out for you!
stacie said…
My son did the same thing he had acid reflux. He was on some meds for it for a little while.
Liz Mays said…
You're getting great advice here. This is a new one to me, so I'm happy people know!
I would call an advice nurse if you have access to one.
only our baby has ever vomitted, it was nasty and has only happened twice. I hope your little guy feels better soon!
CanadianMama said…
Chicken had acid reflux. If it's acid reflux (usually they grow out of it not into it but I'm not a doctor) then elevating his mattress a bit where his head lays should help. Seems like a bit of a mystery to me. Maybe an allergy to something you feed him in the evening only?

Good luck!
Matty said…
I asked an expert. My wife.

Her first reaction was that he might be upset about something. Followed by a possible virus that came and went....especially if he has no other symptoms.

Hope he feels betters.
Rebecca said…
I'll go with allergies........does he get sniffy during the day? Call the pediatrician and see about giving him a little Benadryl (I think the dose MIGHT be something like a half teaspoon for a small dose or one teaspoon for a bigger dose, but if you go with the bigger dose don't give it every 4 hours, wait for six hours to pass)
Melani said…
I dunno about puking, something has def upset his tummy, hopefully it was a 24 hour type of bug and now it is gone!

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