It begins...

Monday, August 30th, 2010.

And i have my first frost warning!

(i know i live in Canada, but for real???)


Rebecca said…
Oh My Word!

So glad I live a bit further south so that my first frost is still a few weeks away. We normally don't get ours until October? I think.
starnes family said…
See, I'm going to miss this. California weather is "perfect", yes, but I will miss the seasons. Please enjoy it for me!
Matty said…
Wow, I can't believe that SamiJoe. We just had close to 100 degrees here today.
Melani said…
yeah I am with Matty, but it was only in the upper 70's here! Do you guys have a really cold winter and it starts now? until when?
You're in Calgary aren't you? I'm going there on Thursday. My sister is getting married on the weekend there. It better be nice this weekend! She's getting married in the park. *fingers crossed* No frost!
We are sooooo the opposite ... heat and humidity!

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