Funny Friday!

Xman sporting a skirt!

A Ballerina Tiger...

and a Witchy Bumblebee!

Happy Friday!

PS- My weather widget says SMOKEY...and it is! Forest fires are raging in nearby British Columbia and we have been experiencing smokey skies the last few days.
Fingers crossed it eases up soon!


Pamela said…
Those are really cute pictures!!
I agree it is SUPER smokey here too! I have to keep my windows shut and the kidlets inside which in turn equals no fun.
Unknown said…
Wow! The Bella Donna has grown so much, her legs are too long for the tiger costume. Time sure flies. I love how you encourage your kids' imaginations. Great job, Mama Sam.
IASoupMama said…
Very cute!

I hope that the smoke is not too bad -- I have many a friend in BC that I'm worried about...
Matty said…
Pictures like these will be worth gold many years from now.

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