Sunday, January 29, 2012

To Begin The Week....

BlogWest: March 8-10th, 2012
Hosted in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta, BlogWest is one of the biggest  blogging events to happen Westside.  Most of us are very excited to be sharing our stomping  grounds (no airfare necessary!). If you'll be at the conference too, shoot me an email at   so I can say 'hi'!

Thanks to Ford Canada for providing Heather and I with a 2012 Ford Ecoboost Explorer! If you need a lift from Calgary (YYC), please let either of us know.

We all go through periods of change and saving the old blog to give her a good  sprucing up. Please bear with me through this adventure of html nightmare. Ugh. While I am always proud of the end result, I often regret all the swearing it took me to get there. IF you do not like something; or, if you REALLY like something, feel free to drop me a line and tell me so!

Vacation Time:
It is almost vacation time here again. Phew! This trip has been in the planning works for a few years. I will be meeting up with some very special 'online'   Mommies for the first time; we've all known each other since our kids were young (like 3/4mths young!).
We'll be visiting the Mouse and some huge mammals at Sea World  (Yay, California & SanDiego !)    I  will be keeping you up on our adventures while we are on the road, so please Stay Tuned!

One Match:
I've stressed in the past how important this service is. Friends all around me are fighting this battle and again, I know another. It is really easy to be tested for One Match-- click HERE. All it takes is a swab. You could really help someone in their battle against Leukemia; please take a minute to test yourself.

Here's hoping everyone has a fantastic week!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I May Never Go Back !

I have a microwave.  Most of us do I suppose... and really, the only thing I use it for is to reheat my coffee. (Repeatedly.)   Maybe I also use the microwave to melt butter for popcorn, but seriously that is all.

I don't thaw meat in it, there are rarely leftovers (hello- DaddyO is 6'5!) and I don't even pop popcorn in it as I am kind of an air pop girl. So most times the microwave sits there ignored.

Last weekend I went to an Epicure party. The hostess showed a product called a Square Steamer and no word of a lie, cooked up raw chicken- cut potatoes- sliced carrots- broccoli, cauliflower and a dash of seasoning in under 10 minutes a la Microwave.  (And it was very tasty!)   I loved the idea of its simplicity and purchased one;   totally thinking that this was a tool that DaddyO could use when MommyO goes out over dinner time. 


This is my at-home version, all ready to be cooked!

My kids loved it! (Read: No complaints about the veggies at all!)  DaddyO loved it!  I loved it!   DaddyO feared the chicken might turn out rubbery, but that was not the case. Very moist and very flavourful!   NO oil and no water were used and due to steaming no nutrients are lost either. 


I really did not expect that I would fall in love with this silicone piece. (I do own other silicone bakeware and we're still compromising on our relationship.)  After I had cooked up the kids meal, had washed the silicone steamer easily with soap and water-- then cooked up a meal for DaddyO and I with different seasonings, I was sold. The food came out of the microwave fully cooked in only this short time and was flavourful and very healthy.

Epicure does sell a smaller size steamer that would be great for work lunches. Simply place your raw food in the steamer in the morning, keep refrigerated and place in the microwave at lunch... BEATS all other frozen/fast lunches all ways possible. 

You can order Epicure online HERE.

Or, visit SPICEY DEE on her Facebook page HERE and she'll get you started!! (The Steamers are not the only worthwhile product sold by Epicure. Oh man, it's all good!)

*Peek Thru Our Window was not compensated in any way for this post. Passing along great ideas like always!  And yes, we can discuss all the good/bad about microwaves we want- but everything in moderation is my viewpoint in life.   A few times a week won't hurt anyone.  ;) *

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ Open Wide



Two kids, Two cleanings... Zero cavities, Zero tears.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

How Calgary Weather Messes with Your Head

Our week started out pretty cold at -20C. Those days were windy and the chill was felt quickly. But then, the weather got colder.

Would you believe we still had school this day?? Layering is key when dressing for the deep freeze. You pull out the big guns: the Sorels, Down Jacket and perhaps even the snowpants. You will likely not be playing in the snow nor rolling in it, but the snowpants really go that extra step for ultimate wind blockage. Your nose hairs will still freeze however and all breaths taken will result in a cloudy exhale.  Let's not even talk about what happens to exposed skin... you get it, it's freakin' cold!

That night, things got colder yet!   Up for a glass of water, I looked out the kitchen window to see a landscape of glistening ice crystals.  It certainly looked pretty despite the dangerous thermometer reading.  Morning saw temperatures a bit warmer, but even the Weather Man was afraid to say what the weather felt like with windchill.  No details given cannot be good.  Buses and school cancelled for the day.

Thursday and Friday appear to be looking up. We can all handle -20C. That's fair. It's winter, right?

By Saturday, we'll be a breezy +3 -- say what??  A  20-25 degree raise in temperature in the forecast can only mean one thing. HEADACHE. MIGRAINES. A Chinook is on the horizon!

And it will apparently be rainy?   Yuck- That should make for some messy winter driving!  But my oh my, Stock up on your Tylenol!

We can handle the cold... Sadly we are used to cold. *Brrrr*

It's the headache we can't escape.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ How Did Your New Year Start?

9am... January 1st, 2012 began like this:




And a few days later, ended with this!
Thanks DaddyO! Looks great!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Banff Mt.Norquay: Tubing Fun!

Long time ago, when DaddyO and I were young, kids went tobogganing down any hill around. Really though, as good as the hill was, if you could not walk up it over and over again, the day was lost. Especially if your parents weren't going to drag your butts back up the hill. Sigh. Tobogganing is hard.

Well, around here we have some pretty nice mountains. Of course you can ski down these mountains standing if you like, but some people (like me) prefer it more... you know, sitting on their (my) butts. Introducing, Mount Norquay in Banff, Alberta, Canada.



Heading to the rope tow to take us up the hill!






We had a super day, despite the -20C temperatures. If you were wearing a balaclava on the tubing hill today, you would not have looked silly. Only   S-M-A-R-T!   Speed + Snow spray in face + -20C equals COLD! However, it was a day of smiles and "YAY- it's my turn again!"

If you live in the Calgary area, Banff Mt. Norquay has loads of winter fun! It did cost us some moola ($58 for a family of 4), but it certainly was an experience and a really nice day of NOT dragging the kids back up the hill.   (Plus, you speed down the hill really, really, fast!)  Your kids must be 42"inches in height and 4 years old to participate.

*Tip: You must always go down the hill in your own tube.  No matter the age.  However, you may go down doubles and hold onto the other tube.  If the riders weights are too different however, it is safer to go down the hill separately.*

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Pictures I like and May Be Entirely Random


Skiing at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary


This boy turned 4 last week!


Small town British Columbia. I sat across from this little shop
for 20 minutes and it was NON stop busy!
I admired their idea lots! :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Disney Extras

This morning we were lucky to see an advance screening of a Disney classic; Beauty and the Beast in 3D! The kids loved this tale as much as I did when I saw it years ago as a teen. Sharing in these classics with my kids can't be beat-- especially all spruced up in 3D!


Disney threw in an extra that my daughter Beebo did not expect. She nearly hyperventilated when she realized there was a Rapuzel short before the feature attraction. Revisit Tangled:

"When BEAUTY AND THE BEAST in Disney Digital 3D hits theatres on January 13th, moviegoers will also get their first look at TANGLED EVER AFTER, a new animated short film from TANGLED directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard. The new short spotlights the royal wedding of Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) and Flynn Rider – a.k.a Eugene (Zachary Levi).
Greno and Howard bring back some of Disney’s most beloved characters when TANGLED EVER AFTER picks up where TANGLED left off. The Kingdom is in a festive mood as everyone gathers for the royal wedding of Rapunzel and Flynn. However, when Pascal and Maximus, as flower chameleon and ring bearer, respectively, lose the gold bands, a frenzied search and recovery mission gets underway. As the desperate duo tries to find the rings before anyone discovers that they’re missing, they leave behind a trail of comical chaos that includes flying lanterns, a flock of doves, a wine barrel barricade and a very sticky finale. Will Maximus and Pascal save the day and make it to the church in time? And will they ever get Flynn’s nose right?" Disney Press

Your crew will be sure to love this Disney classic duo! 
Old and New - Always Disney.

Get a head start by downloading these printable colouring pages! Click HERE.

*Peek Thru Our Window received movie tickets to the advance screening of Beauty and the Beast in 3D, courtesy of Disney Canada.*

Friday, January 6, 2012

Ski Tradition NOT For Home Fun

Beebo had Ski School this week, while Xman skied with DaddyO. We were blessed with good weather and fair sunny days! Phew! This was Beebo's first unparented ski lessons, so we were hoping she'd really take it all in and earn some confidence for herself.


And she did it! She went down the BIG chairlift hill all on her own and is very proficient in pizza, french fries and turns. Apparently, you are given a Cow Bell at the end of Ski School. (Why didn't I know this before enrolling?) It is indeed a Ski Tradition and I understand the intent of the gift...


But for real, would you want to live with a Cow Bell at the hands of an almost 6 years old?

(And please, no MORE COWBELL!)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beauty and the Beast 3D Tickets : Winner

I chose a winner for the 4- Tickets to Beauty and the Beast in 3D this Saturday in YYC, using the new Rafflecopter system.  Admittedly, this was my first attempt at retrieving a winner this way.  I had no trouble picking a winner with Rafflecopter;  however, when I was snagging the embedding code, I noticed that it was going to post the winners actual name.  "Knowing" this lady around the web, I did not feel like I should post by her actual name and there was an option to take that out.  I mis-clicked unfortunately and lost all the code in one fell swoop!  I tried to go back to retrieve it, but was unsuccessful.

I promise that I did see who won and how.  I could have chosen another winner, but to me that wasn't fair.  I am very sorry that I cannot post the winner via Rafflecopter due to my error.  I hope you'll take this 'Rafflecopter Newbie' at my word?

Beauty and the Beast in 3D - 4 Tickets - 10am January 7, 2012 in Calgary. Congratulations to Mrs. Brits, who tweeted about this giveaway on December 20, 2011.  The winner has been contacted.