Guest Post: October is Tea Time For the Central Alberta Ronald McDonald House

I would like to thank SamiJoe for letting me guest post, although this isn't your typical guest post. I'm needing my fellow Canadian's help and support. My name is Randa and I'm raising money for the Ronald McDonald House® Central Alberta which is located in Red Deer, AB.
My husband and I called the House home back in March when I had my son six weeks and one day early. If it wasn't for the House I would have further been physically and mentally drained. I wouldn't have been able to be with him, in the NICU, sixteen to eighteen hours a day; and I'm certain that we wouldn't have been able to come home as soon as a month after his birth. 
The day he was discharged, at RMH for dinner and Bingo!

A lot of people associate the Ronald McDonald House® with the McDonald's restaurants. The House is not owned or operated by McDonald's.  They do contribute approximately 10% each year to the annual budget. The House is actually ran by amazing staff and volunteers, 24 hours a day. Volunteers are everywhere. They clean, check you in, come in and bake some amazing treats (I cannot count the many nights I would come back to some amazing cookies). There are also volunteer groups that will come in and do delicious dinners. I cannot forget about the people who come in and volunteer their time hosting scrap-booking and card-making classes, Rooster the dog, hosting yoga classes and much MUCH more. 
To keep costs down at The House the guests are to clean up after themselves, do their laundry and when it is time to check it they wash their linens, tidy, and sweep and mop their room. I liked this, it kept me in a routine. Similar to one I would have at home (just not as much). 

The House has a special room called the Magic Room and when there is a special day: discharged, birthday, last cancer treatment, etc the child is taken up to pick out a surprise. I was in awe with this room. I mean, look at it - wow.

After staying at the House for month, I witnessed all the hard work and love that it takes to run the Ronald McDonald House® Central Alberta, but I am also aware that it takes money. 
That is why throughout the months of September and October I am fundraising with Steeped Tea & Accessories for the House and I need all the help I can get. Here's how you can get invloved:

Purchase a Fundraising Pack
For $20 ($23 outside of Alberta) 
you receive the following of choice:

This campaign ends on October 31, 2012. If I have a large order at the end of September, I will submit the order then and the customer will receive product within the first two weeks of November. If I receive an order from out of the Red Deer/Drumheller/Camrose/Edmonton area, I will submit the order that week.

Help Me Campaign:

I will send you an order form and you can take it to your work, to your friends or go door to door with the kids while on your walk. Get their information, what pack they want, how many and if they are paying by cash or cheque. You will then e-mail the info, send the money VIA EMT or PayPal.

Buy From My Shop

During the month of October 50% of my sales will be donated to the House. You can shop at OR if you order this month, just leave RMH in the comments and I will put 50% aside.

Thank you everyone for their support. To contact me about any of this and to order a fundraising pack here is my information:

Randa Derkson

Or find out more at my blog, The Bewitchin' Kitchen.

A great cause!  And great tea too!


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