For Kids By Kids : Lunching With the Hyatt

A few weeks ago, we were invited to partake in an afternoon of swimming with friends, while lounging poolside at the Hyatt Regency Calgary Downtown for lunch.  You see, it was all about the kids.  For the kids, by the kids (11 year old Haile Thomas, who has her own cooking show helped create the menu).  The Hyatt Regency nation-wide rolled out a  healthy, affordable kids meal menu that is sure to please.

Sunbutter- for anyone who loves peanut butter,
but also for anyone who is allergic.

A very yummy alternative!

Shake your own chicken salad!
Shake, shake, shake!

See?  It's fun!

Steak and Fingerling Potatoes.
Less than $10.

Salad, with Whole Wheat Spaghetti and Turkey Meatballs.

  • No more free refills on pop.  But... free refills on organic, hormone-free white milk!

  • Making food fun- Shake your own salad!

  • Free range eggs, sustainable seafood, organic veggies and all-natural meats.

  • Price $5-$9

Here, the testers work up an appetite on the 18th floor!  
What a view!

The Hyatt provided wee little robes for the kids
to stay warm while they lunched!

Thank you!

We have eaten our fair share of lunch/dinner out.  I know who has made our 'kids meal' experience tops and the Hyatt definitely did that.  The food was very tasty, kid-interactive, reasonably priced and healthy.  Please give the Hyatt consideration if you are thinking of heading out for lunch.  Open to the general public (not the pool of course).

*Although we were invited to the event, it was not a requirement to write about it.  A week later I had a really, really crappy kids meal experience and for this reason, I wanted to share our GREAT kids meal experience with all of you. Photos Courtesy of the Hyatt Regency*


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