Less Money, Less Hassle this Halloween! *National Costume Swap Day is October 13th!*

When it comes to holidays, there isn’t a holiday on the books that comes even close to the fabulousness of Halloween in my world. The mix of spooky, dreamy imagination and the good wholesome fun of walking the neighborhood in a mask at night makes me more than a little giddy.

From the time I can remember remembering Halloween we made our own costumes out of thrift store finds, Mom’s trunks or borrowing from the neighbour kids. OK, so I admit that I was some version of a gypsy princess for like five years running. But, I loved the whole gypsy thing and my mother would only let me leave the house looking like that once a year.

That’s the whole point of Halloween – finding that one thing you’re just dying to be and getting to be it for 24 hours. The advent of the plastic $20 costume from your local big-box store has kinda banished that thrill to the way-back-when file.

But, what if we as Canadians could bring back those gypsies, devils, cowboys and monsters of our youth, save some money (major bonus), clean out our closets (no way) and live lighter on the Earth all at once?

That’s where National Costume Swap Day Canada, brought to you by the practical, fun and super savvy crew at Usedeverywhere.com, comes in. Folks in the U.S. have been doing it for a while and having a great time. But, this year, we got organized up here in Canada and are jumping in as a part of this international movement that is brilliant and simple – take your old costumes and swap them for new ones.

You can set up a swap in your community (we give you all of the tools) or attend a swap that’s already up and running. Usedeverywhere.com is getting everyone super excited about this upcycling celebration. Get the whole scoop over at http://www.costumeswapdaycanada.com .

While you’re scoring some great costumes, the crew organizing Costume Swap is also busy getting Canadians to think about what goes in treat bags this year too.

Books For Treats Canada is all about getting creativity and imagination in the form of gently used books into treat bags – a great trade for those boring chocolate bars (yummy, but so are books).

Libraries and community organizations across the country will be giving out books instead of candy as a part of the movement – lots of tools on site to do that with. You can also give out brain food right at your doorstep. Books For Treats Canada shows you how with ease, fun and smiles. Again with the reuse, declutter and save money. What’s not to love?

So, turn those little goblins and ghouls a healthier shade of green this Halloween. Check out National Costume Swap Day Canada and Books For Treats Canada. 


  • If you live in Calgary, 4Cats Arts Studio in Edgemont (NW) is hosting a swap October 13th! Find out all the details HERE.

Attend a swap near you or organize one of your own!
It's good for the environment and your pocketbook!


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